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May 25 , 2016

Wow ! We have barely written for this digital newspaper ! We will now be posting on the main page , under the name " The Daily Doll " . However , we will try to update this page regularly :)
                        ~ Kanani Akina , Daily Doll Reporter 

January 1 , 2016 

Happy New Years !

              Your Daily Doll Reporter ,
      Kanani Akina

December 12 , 2015

Merry December ! Happy December ? Good December ? Enough with greetings ! December is one of us toys favorite months of the year - we get new families , new homes , and new friends. What toy does NOT like December ? Apparently not everyone loves this merry season !
"The Christmas season is overrated" Grouchy old Babrie Barbra Susans says. " More toys come and replace me . They forget all about me , dig me up five years later, and toss me out !"
While Barbra might not like is season, what is your favorite thing about December ?
                           - Kanani Akina , Daily Doll Reporter

November 26 , 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! 
-The Daily Doll Squad 

June 6 , 2015

Sorry for being gone for so long . This page  has been having some issues . We have some very important news to tell you . Luna aka UniverseRevolves , is getting Mini Saige . We are very excited and we can't wait to open her . You can get Mini Saige or Isabelle for 23$ plus shipping at the SALE page on the AG website . That's all for now!

                                                                                             Your Daily Doll Reporter ,

                                                Kanani Akina 

April 5, 2015

The Daily Doll would like to wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter !

 - The Daily Doll Team

April 4, 2015

Hi , Your Daily Doll Reporter Kanani Akina here. I would like to ask you if you humans would like to see a Holy Week overview. This includes Doll Church , hymns , bible verses , and other religious activities. I know we are not all the same religion , so this will be put on a different page. What do you think ?

                                                                                     For the Daily Doll,
                                                                                             Kanani Akina
April 3 , 2015

Hi , I'm your Daily Doll Reporter Kanani Akina. Today, Daily Doll would like to inform that mom , er , Ms. Luna has ordered a mysterious toy called Shopkins. Hopefully , this order will come to our house , um  , I mean UniverseRevolves Headquarters soon. This is a MEGA order of 20 Shopkins that will either be a video or a review . Which one would you choose ? I can't wait to see these little creatures and to see  if their motto is true - Once you shop , you can't stop !

                                                                                         For The Daily Doll ,
                                                                                                  Kanani Akina

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