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Hey stars ! Welcome to our blog, which is mainly about dolls and toys. Here you can meet the dolls and toys that make up our crew.

Kanani Akina

Birthday - January 22, 2011
Age- 13
Years old - 5
Favorite Color - Teal
Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite Song - Lost Boy by Ruth B
Favorite Book- Harry Potter
Dominant Hand - Rightie but can write with both
Dream Job: A creative businesswoman
Likes - Exotic things, bright colors, animals, children, sweaters, photography
Dislikes - Dark colors, bugs, messy handwriting, negativity, heights, failing , being told to grow up
Personality - Crafty, fun, bubbly , loud, extrovert, artsy
Kanani is a cheerful teen who has a positive view on everything. She prefers to jump right in and is never afraid of new things. She aspires to be someone who can change the world one day and has an adventurous spirit. She is bold and faces any challenge head first. Kanani acts mature, but is a child at heart.



Birthday - January 17, 2015
Age- 12
Years Old- 1
Favorite Color- Dark Red
Favorite Food- Potatoes
Favorite Song- Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
Favorite Book - The Hunger Games
Dominant Hand - Leftie
Dream Job: A biologist
Likes - Quiet , YouTube , internet , animals , dark colors, photography
Dislikes - Bright colors , a lot of noise , bugs , perfume ( ? )
Personality - Quiet , introvert, intelligent , a bit awkward
Bio : Kaya is no doubt extremely mature for her age . She is also very shy and quiet until you get to know her. However, Kaya's got a huge heart and a courageous spirit. She can be very brave at times and will go to any lengths to help someone she cares about . She perfers time alone and is obsessed with bands and Fandoms.



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