About the Blogger

Kudos ! I hope you guys are having an AMAZING day. Below are some things about me ----->

I love blogging, the Internet, photography, music, reading and writing, and of course, AG ! Here are some other things you might not know about me !
~ Questions ~

Favorite Color ?
I really love colors ! My favorite are blue and green, but I love black as well.

Books: Yay or Nay ? If yay, what are your faves ?
YAYYY !!!! I love books. They smell awesome ! My favourites are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, the Woodlands, Divergent, and the Hunger Games. I'm an extreme Fangirl. Don't mess with my Fandoms.

Do you watch youtubers ? Who are your favourites ?
I LOVE YouTube. My favorite youtubers are:

AmazingPhil ( Phil Lester )
Danisnotonfire ( Dan Howell )
Jack and Dean

Those are just a few !

AG Youtubers ?

I don't watch AGTube that often *GASP* .
I do like AGSmiless, Basilmentos, DollsOnMyMind, agoverseasfan, and MommyandMeAG. I really enjoy the work and effort AGTubers but in their videos :)

Musical Artists ?

-Fall Out Boy
-Panic at the Disco
-Melanie Martinez
-Ed Sheeran
-Pierce the Veil
- My Chemical Romance
-Patrick Stump
-We the Kings

I could go on , honestly . I really do love music ! I love a lot of types, but alternative and indie rock are my favorite genres.

~ Personality ~

I'm a pretty positive, optimistic person ! I'm very laid back and creative :)
I like thinking out of the box and I might be a teensy bit weird.
Fun Fact : My personality has changed a lot since I started this blog !

~ How I Look ~
♡ I'm African American
♡ I have long curly hair
♡ I'm short :P
♡ I have dark brown eyes

~ Likes / Dislikes ~

Likes :


Dislikes :

♡ Bugs
♡ Wet socks

thαt'ѕ αll! ♡

~ Thanks ~

Thanks for checking out my page :)

~Thaila ~


  1. PIERCE THE VEIILLLLLLLL YESSSSSS. did you see the new music video for "circles" yet?

    also I swear I think we're twins lol. xD


    1. Sorry for replying so late XD and yes I hope we're twins