Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank you for 3 years ♡ | My Blogversary

♡ 3-21-17 ♡
The day that started it all.

Wow, I cannot say thank you enough.

It's been three years since I started this blog, but it feels like yesterday.

It feels like yesterday that an inspired little girl with a love for toys first decided to start a blog of her own. 
With a phone camera, a doll, and a big imagination, she stepped a world she only could dream of. 

She discovered the world of crafts, stories, photography, a place where creativity was the only requirement.

She discovered here.
The AG community, a second home.

There her love for dolls grew and strengthened.

The little girl has grown up quite a bit, but her love for dolls hasn't changed.

I am that little girl.

I would like to think I have improved since then - my writing, photography, my personality. I am so happy I found the AG community. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. I owe all of my success to my wonderful readers.

♡ So thank you, thank you to everyone. Thank you to the AG community for inspiring and motivating me. Thank you to my loyal readers who still read the blog entries of a cringey 9 year old, even though they were terrible. Thank you to my followers for encouraging me and making me feel utterly amazing. Thank you to Lydia, for being there when I first started my blog, and still supporting me even when I sounded like an arrogant little kid. Thank you to Maddie, for inspiring me to be me and not to change to fit the standards of the doll community. I'm sorry if you felt like I was copying you, you just inspired me so much. I've learned so much from all of you and knowing you guys is priceless. Thank you to each and every person who's ever read a post or commented something nice. I couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you for the best 3 years of my life. 

~ Thalia ♡

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ⓤⓟⓓⓐⓣⓔⓢ #3 | Where have I been ??

Well hello my precious readers, I hope you're  all having a magical day !

I realized that I have not posted since July..... Sorry ! (  if I had a dollar for everytime I've said that :P)

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 2017 as well, I hope you're having a great year :)

I took a LOOONG hiatus from posting, mostly from lack of commitment, school, and new responsibilities. I've matured a lot since I've first started this blog.

My dolls are being taken care of wonderfully, and even though I don't use them too often, I still love them ! I still love everything this blog is about.

I will be posting more quality content, more often.

I know I've made a lot of promises saying that I would do that, and I haven't fulfilled that. As I reminded you guys, I've matured a lot :) I will keep my promise !

This is just a short little update to tell you guys that I will be active ! I welcome any new readers and I say thank you to those who've stuck with me. I appreciate all of you !

Have a magical day,
~ Thalia ♡