Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Daily Doll Show #1 | Harry Potter Day and Wellie Wishers

Your two favorite "18 inch doll writers bring the The Daily Doll SHOW , Episode #1 with Kaya and Kanani !
Good magical morning stars !
Kaya: Or whatever time it is when your reading this !
Kanani : I suppose ! Before we begin today's , news, let's start with our  announcements.
Kaya: So we would like to address not posting in a while.
Kanani: Yeah, summer’s been pretty busy for us. We're spending a lot more time in the good weather instead of being on the Internet.
Kaya: Thankfully we've got many pictures of all our adventures !
Kanani: We will post them all at the end of the summer.Kaya : We should also explain the show a bit.Kanani: Yeah ! The Daily Doll is kind of a mix of and online newspaper and a radio show.
Kaya: Except your reading instead of listening !
Kanani: Yep. We’ll have many different segments and even parts where readers can interact with us !
Kaya: The Daily Doll Show is uploaded every Sunday , while the Daily Doll can be uploaded any day of the week.
Kanani: The Daily Doll is more of a newspaper and includes different things.
Kaya: Over time , a lot a changes might happen to the show. We'll notify you of any changes !
Kanani: I think that's all of the announcements we have for the day. Shall we move on to the news Kaya : Let's Go !!

Kanani : So Kaya , what's up in the news today ?
Kaya: Well Kanani , the Olympics start this week !
Kanani : Wow , I'm so excited . Did you know I met an Olympic Gold Medalist before ?
Kaya: Really ? Who was it.
Kanani : Gymnast Ally Raisman. I met her at the AG store  couple years ago !
Kaya : Wow ! Well onto our first article. Unfortunately , this one is not as happy. After severe  flooding in Baltimore , one person has died.
Kanani : That is so sad ! We send sincere prayers to her family .
Kaya: Our next article is less sad. Actually is pretty exciting!
Kanani : This article is is doll news .
Kaya : A Walmart doll line has recently decided to add two boy dolls to their line.
Kanani: I think it's about time that a doll line decided to add boys. Both genders should be able to share the love of dolls !
Kaya: I couldn't  agree more. For our last article - it's National Harry Potter Day !
Kanani: I know ! I'm so excited . Last year we did an entire week dedicated to it.
Kaya: And we’ll do it again this year .
Kanani: Well, that concludes today's news. Sorry it was so shore , hopefully next week it will be longer !

*** Deal of the Day ***
Kaya: Its time for today's Deal of the Day ! Today's deal is from American Girl . The Corgi puppy is priced at only  $ 16.00 , and was originally $20.00.
Kanani: That's a pretty big deal, coming from American Girl !

Today's Topic !

Kaya :Well today's topic is American Girl’s Wellie Wishers .
Kanani : I don't understand why people don't like them ! They seem pretty cool.
Kaya: They are pretty expensive! They cost $60.00.
Kanani: Not even I'm fan of that price !
Kaya: Tell us what you think about Wellie Wishers in the comments !

Kaya :Well that's today's Daily Doll Show ! Sorry for the shortness , I'll try my best to make it longer. Until then, Have a magical day stars !

~~~~~~~ Kaya & Kanani ~~~~~~~~~~~

I really hoped everyone enjoyed the first episode of The Daily Doll Show ! Tell me what you thought of it below .
Bye STARS !!!!!
~ Thalia