Sunday, May 1, 2016

Updates #2

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Hey Stars ! I've been so busy lately and I really think I need to sit down and write a post out. Also, it's raining , so that ruined my plan for a photoshoot . Be prepared , because is post is more like a to-do list or rants than actual updates , lol .

1. I've been thinking about starting a personal blog . I would write about Fandoms, books , etc . I don't know , I just think it would be really fun .

2. I like totally forgot about my wordpress so I have to fix that ......

3. I also have my other blog ( The Universe in a Box ) which I privated . I need to get a new template and what not for that.

4. I also FINALLY made a bloglovin' ! 

5. I read a bunch of books which I really want to review, so I'm thinking about reviewing it from one of my dolls perspectives.

6. School is getting really annoying ! We've got tons of more homework and I have a lot of studying and practicing to do . It's paying off though , I won a super cool award for writing :) 

7. I'm expanding my toy collection. My toy collection is pretty small so I'm trying my best to expand it .

8. YouTube . I'm a part of a collaboration channel of sorts . We are supposed to start filming for summer , so yay ! 

9. Should I try photostories ? I'm currently doing one m but I'm not sure if I should give up.


That's really all the updates for now . I have some really over due post I need to write hehe. See you later my beautiful bunches of stars !

   Bored ,

~ Thalia 

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