Friday, May 27, 2016

American Girl Place - Part 3 : Beforever

Hey Stars ! These are some pictures I took when I visited American Girl Place in August. I took a lot of these photos , so I have divided them into many parts . I think I have around 2 more posts worth of pictures ! These were taken on my phone ( before I had my camera ), so sorry about the quality ! Let's  get on with it !



Some of Jose's Collection

Another of Kaya's Outfits 

Addy's Collection

Maryellen's Collection and one of the props in her area !

One of Kaya's outfits ! I really like this one :)

More of Kaya's Collection 



Another of Kaya's Outfits

Julie's Car

Josefina's Studio Area

     That's everything ! I love the American Girl Place in New York. Have you ever been to one ? I really hoped you liked the pictures and enjoyed looking at them. That's all for now, my shining stars :)

           ~ Thalia

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  1. I love Addy's dress and julie's car!! Also Mary-Ellen is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing these fabulous dolls! :-*
    Lydia's Dolls