Sunday, April 3, 2016

5 Hilarious April Fools' Pranks

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Hello , my galaxy readers ! Today is April Fools' and I thought it would be nice to post a handful of funny pranks. These are really easy and take minimum effort .I hope you readers have some fun with these !

                         5 HILARIOUS April Fools' Pranks

1.  No - Work - Remote

This is an easy prank that is bound to work ! All you have to do is take the batteries out of the remotes in your house and BAM !  Watch as the members of your family wonder what happened .

2. Cracked Phone

Get some clear hard plastic and carefully trace the shape of your victim's phone on to it. Cut it out ( be careful , the plastic can harm you ) . Now cut lines of different shapes into the plastic . You can also chip the plastic or use the scissor to scratch it .
Now , you have two options :

A ) Lay the plastic on top of your victim's phone , causing the illusion that it is cracked .
B ) Cut the plastic into pieces . Place your victim's phone face-down on a hard surface , like a table . Around the phone carefully arrange the shards , making your victim thinking their phone has shattered !

3. Undrinkable Drink

This one is super funny and super easy ! Get a colorful jello packet , preferably the color of your victim's favorite drink. Make the jello in the cup and place a straw inside the glass. Let it refrigerate for a couple hours. Set it out on a table or give it to your victim to drink, and watch their priceless reaction as try to drink it !

4.  Scary Phone Wallpaper

All you need to do is change the wallpaper on one of your victim's devices ( computer, phone , tablet etc ) to something scary or something they don't like , such as a picture from a horror movie Ora disgusting looking bug .

5.  Salty - Sweet

This one is a classic , and it never gets old ! You can pour some salt into your victim's sweet drink , or pour a little extra in their dinner. You can also pour some extra sugar into their meal or add some sugar to their salty snack . A favorite of mine is carefully opening a pack of sour candy and emptying all the sour sugar . I switch the sugar for salt and hand it to my little sis , her reaction is priceless !

That's all the pranks ! I really hope you guys like these pranks and might use them to get some revenge on your friends or pesky siblings, lol ! I loved doing these and there are so many different ways to do each one ! For reading the entire thing , here's a bonus prank :

Bonus: Contact Switcheroo

Easy ! Change the contacts on your victim's phone to different names or mix the names up with people already on the list ! I suggest you right down whose name you switched to who though !

Thanks again for reading and I'll see you in the next post !

In a galaxy far , far away ,

~ Galactic Thalia

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