Friday, February 19, 2016

Updates :P

Yeah , yeah , I know , I've been gone for like a thousand years . Tis' the time of year when teachers totally BOMBARD us with homework. Everywhere you turn its like project , homework , assignment , test , EXAMS . Oh, the horror ! In NY ( and some other states ) we have this horrible thing called a state test . It's basically a SUPER hard test that we have to spend all our life studying for . So yeah , when I'm not being killed by huge homework piles, I'm forced to study. OH AND NY HAD LIKE 6FT OF SNOW AND WE STILL HAVE SOME LEFT OVER SO IF ANYONE DOESNT HAVE I'LL GIVE YOU SOME FOR FREE LOL. But enough of my ranting - meh updates are below ;)

1.Kaya and Kanani's Birthday PASSED !

He he he , sorry about that . I took Kanani out for a photo shoot on her Bday . I'll post it once I upload all the pics. Kaya got a bed :P Kanani's Bday was 1/22/11 and Kaya's was 1/17/14 .

Here's a pic of the bed :

2. The Dolls got the Grace Mini for Christmas 

3. I got a the Canon Rebel T5i ! 

It is super amazing ! The picture quality is super awesome :) I can't wait to get up a bunch of shoots with it . Here's a pic of the quality ( which got messed up when I uploaded it to my iPad )

4. I can sew + craft 

5. I'm a better person and blogger :)

6. I'm more of a tech wiz 

7. I'm more mature 


9. I got two OGs

10. My writing has improved 

Yep , that's all the major changes . I'm just so happy that I'm getting a post up ! Hopefully I'll get another one up today :)

~ Thalia 

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