Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve ! | Christmas Q&A

Tis the season ! Merry Christmas Eve Internet ^_^ I wasn't in the Chrismas spirit as of lately and didn't decorate the house until today :P. Better Late then never ;) I did enjoy the Christmas spirit when I actually got in to it . I love decorating the house though, perhaps I am a crafty person :)

I decide to do a little Christmas Q&A for all you lovelies . This really helped me get into the Christmas jazz ;)

1 ) What do you want for Christmas ?

For my birthday AND Christmas, I only want one thing. What may this mysterious item be ?
I'm set on the canon rebel t5i. My dad and I have been looking at prices and settled on that one . It should be here before the new year , so that's why you haven't seen many pictures . I'm really excited ! My little sis wants Lea Clark :)

2) Favorite Chrismas Tradition ?

Camping out waiting for Santa . This usually lasts 30-60 minutes before we cave in and collapse into our warm beds :)

3) Favorite Christmas Food ?

Star cookies , if they count . If not , Pepper Pot, which is a Carribean holiday dish.

4) Favorite thing about Christmas ?

Making gifts for other people. I love to get crafty :)

5) What does Christmas mean to you ?

Christmas means many different things, both on a religious and personal level. I am Christian, but I'm not the most religious person . I try to be the best Christain I can, but I'm still not very religious . To me , Christmas means the birth of our savior . It also reminds me of family, love, and the importance of giving on a personal level.


That's all for now Internet ! It was a few , but I hope I can squeeze in a few more tomorrow . Feel free to do this on your own social media, answer them, and add more questions . Merry Christmas Eve Internet !

Merry Chrismas Eve,

 ~ Christmas-y Thalia

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