Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year ! Goodbye 2015

Ahhhh ! It's going to be 2016 already ! It seems like 2015 just started and now it's already ended . I'm super hyped for all the good things to come. Now , let's say goodbye to 2015 !

Dear 2015 ,

It was alright. I survived - I made new friends and lost others . I gained family and lost family . I became closer with some people than I ever thought I could, and became distant with others .You hurled large flying objects my way, but I dodged and ducked and made through. I got my first AG ( then three minis . I got two OGs and bucket loads of other toys. I made this blog . I expanded on my passions. I lived the Internet . 2015, I hated you. But I loved you all the same. So with ups and downs  and tricks and thins, 2015 came to an end .

Happy New Years ,
- Thalia 


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