Thursday, November 26, 2015


I'm thankful for many things .
The basic things , like my family , friends , school , an education and all those other wonderful things I take for granted.
But I'm also thankful for those extraordinary things in my life .
You guys .
I've been through my ups and downs , my easy days and my hard days. I've have so many cringe-worthy blogposts,(I just privated a whole bunch ) but you never judged me . I'm trying my best to transform this blog into the one it was meant to be. So thank you .
Thank you for sticking by my side , even when I didn't say I needed you , and being there every step of the way . Thank you for supporting my blog , dolls , and myself even when they weren't the best .
There are a million things I'm thankful for in my life , and you are on the top of my list .
Here are a few things I am thankful for :1. My cousin who was born a few hours ago
2. My family
3. My friends
4. The Internet
5. This blog
6. YouTube
7.Blogging as a whole
8. An education
10. My teachers
11. Sibling
12. All my toys (as childish as this might sound )
13. Food and water
14. Clothes
15. Technology

These are the few of all the amazing things I have that I'm thankful for .
Extremely Thankful ,

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving to you all ! Please remember the history of Thanksgiving of be thankful for everything . Later this week I probably will have some late Thanksgiving blogposts to share with you : ) Have an awesome time , spend time with your loved ones , and be thankful!

Very , Very Thankful ,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

STARTING OVER ?!?! | Where I've Been + YOUTUBE ?

Starting over ?
Kind of .

Remember all those cringe worthy blogposts I will never be able to get rid over ? Can we forget those   ?

This blog has messed up . I've messed up , and I'm going to fix it .

This blog was never a very good one . It was filled with excuses and promises and low quality photos . I've been working hard to get quality blogposts that all you sweet little marshmallow can enjoy and I'm working very hard on it . Here's a list of things I've changed :

1) Writing . I'm trying to improve my writing to make my blogposts worth reading :)
2) Blog Address . It is now . I thought it fitted this blog better .
3) Mood / Theme . Before , the mood was some weird smash of fun rainbows and emo . That didn't work how I wanted it to , and now this blog is a happy sunshiney kind of blog .

I think that's all the major things I've changed . There are also less excuses , better quality ( I hope ) , and some blogposts worth reading :)


School is taking up way too much time . I'm studying all the time and doing homework. I've also been on my very comfy couch looking at cameras . P.S.  What camera do you use ? What is the best one to buy ? I'm looking for a good camera . Preferably cheap :)


I'm workin' on it . I will be doing it with PonyLove9 , but her editor/manager will be running it with me . I will link you flamingos once it's up and running . It's going to be about all kinds of toys including AG , Barbie , Build a Bear , and tons of other awesome brands . We NEED names , so help me out the the comments pwease .

I think that's all , so stay positive . Or negative . Negative's good too .

Changing ,
Thalia ( formerly LuNa ) the Professional Toy Blogger and Fangirl