Saturday, August 1, 2015

Harry Potter Week - Chocolate Frog Review

I've decided to make a whole HP themed week here to show my love of Harry Potter :)

Without further ado , let Harry Potter week begin ( technically it should be the week before his birthday , but who cares ? )

Lights , Camera , Review !

Today , Kanani is here with me and we will be reviewing a Chocolate Frog - a Harry Potter Candy . This can be purchased at most big - name candy stores , and we got ours at It's Sugar for $2 .99 .

Here is a closeup of the awesome packaging .

We chose the Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice - Luna's favorite !


It comes with a collectible wizard card - Just like the ones in HP !

Here are all the characters you can get . I think we'll get Albus Dumbledore , but I hope I get Voldemort or Severus Snape .

I simply adore the packaging - it's just perfect ! My sister pointed out it's sort of like a blind bag , because you don't know what character you'll get .

The little Harry Potter Logo :)

Here is Kanani opening the wrapper .

Let's see what goodies are in store for us !

Here is the wizard card in the packaging. The card was one of the main reasons I got the chocolate! We got Madam Hooch .

Madam Hooch - the card picture "moves" just like the ones in HP !

Here is the frog. I thought it was a bit small , but I love all the details on it .

Time for a bite !

On the bottom you can see all the little crispies :)

Here is Kanani holding the card . It's the the card just AWESOME?!?

On the back , you can learn a little about Madam Hooch . It also says #2/12 , and I have no idea what it means . Does it show how common the card is ? Please help me out by commenting below .

Mmm , it's delightful ! It taste like a Crunch bar , not like a frog !

For anyone who is wondering, here is the inside .

One bite ...

Two bites ...

Three bites ...

Four bites ....

Five bites ... Done !

Bye ! Now LuNa will be explaining a lot of stuff :)

The frog is nothing special, it taste like any other chocolate, but in this case , Crunch . There are multiple flavor to choose from, but I chose this one . I would like to continue collecting the cards , but it is a bit pricy for just candy . The main reason I picked this up was because it came with a card . This product is by JellyBelly . If you love HP , I highly recommend it . If you have ANY questions about it  , just comment them below , I would be more than Happy to answer them . It's 12:04 A.M. , so I should be heading to bed . 
Until Next Time my Fellow Earthings ,

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