Sunday, August 2, 2015

10 Reasons Why to LOVE Harry Potter

For my HP themed week , here are 10 reason to love Harry Potter !

Here is Kaya with her poorly colored HP glasses and lighting scar :)

We'll begin a moment -But first - let me take a selfie :)

Here's one more picture of her .

Now - on to the reasons !

1. -Hermione Granger is a boss- Hermione Granger is a strong female character that encourages girls to be strong and independent women .

2. The characters are relatable . 

3.  Harry Potter shows us there is a hero in all of us . He grew up as an abused orphan and became a HERO . 

4. The books show real life problems - they deal with bullying and discrimination.

5. It is extremely well written and has a fantastic plot .

6.  You can imagine the wonderful world of Harry Potter while you read it .

7. The books have admirable mother figures like Narcrissa Malfoy , Molly Weasley , and Lily Evans-Potter .

8. Harry Potter is a tale of friendship - even through war .

9. The quotes are amazing . 

10.  The book is filled with smiles , laughs, and joys . It is filled with pain , sorrow , and sadness . This book will warm your heart and make you cry , but you'll love it .

I know these are some poor reasons , but hopefully if you didn't read HP , you read now . Like seriously, go read it NOW , you'll never regret ! -even when your drowning in your tears of feels-

Read the books ... NOW !

Until next time my fellow earthlings ,

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