Friday, July 17, 2015

The New York Aquarium Part 1

Hey everyone! Today my family and I went to the New York Aquarium. We had a lot of fun and we learned a lot of new things . They showed us presentations ( and demonstrations) and we even saw the Seal Show . Here's all the fun we had !

I took this outside when we were waiting on line . Clear blue skies dotted with clouds !

These are the Penguins . 

Here's a closeup of these magnificent creatures. Did you know that 5 out of the 18 species of penguin live in cold water ? The rest live in warm water , like these African Penguins .

Waiting for the seal show ! This is where it takes place.

This seal , Diego , is getting ready to jump .

He's actually dancing here !

Here is him doing a trick .

Wow ! A seal hand stand . Or shall I say fin stand ?!?

Look at this splendid dive !

Stay tuned for Part 2 !


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