Friday, July 3, 2015

The Dress Your Doll Blindfolded Challenge

Hi everyone ! Today , Kaya will be doing the dress your doll blindfolded challenge . For those of you that don't know , this is what you do .
You should have three piles or bins . In one there will be clothes , another there will be shoes , and another accessories. There could also be tops , bottoms , and accessories ( shoes are counted as accessories) . You put on a blindfold and you have to dress your doll ! ( if you need for info , ask )
Let's see if Kaya can dress Saige blindfolded!

Hi everyone! I'll be doing the dress your doll blindfolded challenge.

Ahh , it's so dark ! I have my blindfold on .

Ok , here's Saige .

First I'll choose from clothes .

Is this the right way ?

It seems really tight .

I'll try that again .

How about this way ?

I think it's on right .

Let's do the shoes now .

Left or right ? Right or left ? Oh I don't know , I can't see for goodness sakes !
I'll put on the next shoe . This seems right .

Now it's time for accessories.

I wonder what these could be ? I think it's a scarf and a purse .

Alright, I'll put the scarf here . 

Next , I'll put on the purse . This HAS to be right !

Ok , now I'll take the blindfold off .

WHAT ?!?! How could she look like this ? I guess I'm not that good at dressing my doll blindfolded !

 This is how she looks .

First off , her shoes are on the wrong feet and one is backwards .

Her dress and is on backwards.

Her scarf is on her head ! It looks like she's blindfolded !

Lastly, her purse is on upside down !

I wasn't very good at dressing her blindfolded, but maybe Kanani will be . Comment if you want her to do the challenge. Bye Universe in A Blog readers !

I'm going to nominate some of my following bloggers ( themselves or/and their dolls ) to do this challenge.

1) YOU ! Go ahead ! Do this on your blog , and don't forget to tell me you did !
2) ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO IT ! I'm not sure if any of the bloggers I nominate might want to do it , so I'll just let anyone do it . Don't forget to tell me you did !

If you do this on Google+ , Instagram , Twitter, Facebook , YouTube ,  etcetera  link me !


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