Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Something To Say

Before any questions are asked , no , I did not fall of the face of the earth . 

I took a break from electronics for a few days . I wanted to see if I could take it . It was horrible .

No Tv , computer , IPad , nook , NOTHING. It was - excuse my 
language- hell .

I realized how dependent we are on these things - how hard it is to live without them .  How much we need these thing and how much we can't live without them . We're addicted.

But why is it so hard ? Why can't we go outside and get some fresh air ?

Oh Edward ......

As I as saying , Why ? It's because we get so caught up in our life behind the screen that we don't want to return to the reality of real life . 

Anyway , I have a lot more to say than that .

Doll . Toys . I like them . They are a part of me . But so is my super quirky sarcastic side that I can't show here . This blog is changing. I love dolls and toys and I will still post about them all the time but this blog is NOT just about them . It's time for more gifs and fangirl stuff . It's time for book reviews and opinions. Why don't you make another blog . I can barely manage the two blogs I have now and I don't think I can manage anymore . So if you want to see only dolls and toys and what not , I invite you to drop in every now and then to see them . But this blog will be full of gifs and tumblr and unicorn droppings and that's how it's going to be . I am free of be locked up and limited . 

Yes Dobby , We are free .

I MIGHT be taking a short ( or long ) break and even making this blog private for a little while . I'll update you awesomeies soon but for now - I'm out .

A Professional Fangirl ,


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