Monday, July 6, 2015

Some Shameless Self-Promotion

Yes . Some shameless self promotion.

I have a wordpress that I'll be posting on . I think there will be a lot of writing , book reviews , and stuff like that . Maybe that's the more professional side of me on that blog ? I don't really know right now . To be honest , I love blogger MUCH more then Wordpress . I think blogger is much easier to use . Making that blog reminded me that this blog is the Universe in a Blog and I should have a lot of different posts here . I want something other than just doll posts . So I'll be trying to do a lot of other posts . I should've made another blog on blogger , but all the names I wanted weren't available , while they were on Wordpress . So , yea , I'm TEAM BLOGGER ! 
Here's dat blog I told u bout' :


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