Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July !!

Happy Fourth of July ! I has breakfast with my aunt then I went over to my friend's house for their yearly BBQ . We had hotdogs , we watched the fireworks , and we had a blast ! My dolls are dressed in red , white , and blue to wish a Happy Independence Day to all of our American viewers ! 239 Years of freedom !

Sorry for the the brightness on Kanani ....... didn't close my blinds . Anyway , Kanani was a white shirt , a red skirt with and polka dot red and white ribbon , and a blue headband . Kaya is wearing a white shirt , and red skirt, and a blue headband . They look close to twins with the outfits . Yes , I actually brushed out Kanani's hair ( finally) 

Now we have a fun edit to show their patriotism.

Independence Day Selfie !

Kaya has one too ! Kanani's arm photobombed it !

That's all for now my amazing readers , and I wish you all a very happy Independence Day !!

What did you do for Independence Day ?

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