Friday, July 31, 2015


Ok everyone , today's one of my favorite days of the year - July 31st . What exactly is so important about July 31st ? Today is Harry Potter's birthday. Yes , the kid with the hair and the scar . And for about a year now , I've been crazy about it . To the point where I have several posters , a golden snitch , stickers and bracelets. Yeah , that crazy . I usually go to Scholastic ( a bookstore) and they have a huge party kind of thingy .Sadly , they didn't have it this year :( Last year , we had Harry Potter COOKIES !! I was busy today , but hopefully tomorrow I have time for pictures of all my Harry merchandise and a review on a chocolate frog ( a Harry Potter candy ) . Please accept this bad picture if Kaya and have a very Happy Potter day !


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sorry ! + Pictures of Kaya

Sorry for not posting , things have been really crazy , but I'll try to get back into my posting streak . Before I show you all the pictures , I have a few things to say .

1. My writing is really bad 
It really is . I've been trying to write with more emotion lately , and to write better. I apologize for bad writing and grammatical mistakes.

2. My posts are boring. 
I've been trying to make my posts more interesting, but they are really boring . I'll keep trying to spice things up .

3. I need to try .
I keep saying I'm going to do this and I'll do that , but I never do . I'm going to keep this a toy/doll blog until I find out how to incorporate everything else .

Yeah , that's all of that . Time for the pictures.
This is after I brushed her hair out ( I'll have a post on that soon) , so I took some pictures of her . I tried to dress her up in modern clothes .

Sorry about that one ...

Excuse the bad quality, I was rushing . You can't blame me , there were Mosquitos ! Her hair is not as frizzy , it just got a bit tangled in the grass .

Until next time my fellow earthlings,


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pinkie Pie Pop Pony Opening and Review

Hi everyone ! Today I will be opening a Pinkie Pie Pop Pony . Say that 10 times fast ! Let's open her up !

First off , here's the front of the box .

It contains one pony , an oven , flowers , plates , goodies , cups , a table , stickers , and hair and a wig for Pinkie .

Here's the back of the box .

In this little kit , we will be ables to design and build Pinkie !

There's ( half ) of Pinkie ! This is her Bakery Decorator Kit. 

Twilight is here to help us open it up .

Let's get her opened up !

First of , we get some really cute stickers .


Here is the rest of this awesomeness!

I popped out the plates and cups .

I also popped out the baked goodies and a tray .

Sorry for the blurry photo !

Here are out two halves of Pinkie .

Snapped together !

We added on her hair and tail . The hair was tricky to get on .

Pinkie being silly :P

We also have this adorable little cake .

We added a cute bow sticker on Pinkie's hair .

Twilight enjoys some delicious coffee!

Frog enjoying to hot cocoa :)

This is it all set up !

And now .... Some fun photos !

Frog enjoying to hot cocoa :)

This is it all set up !

And now .... Some fun photos !


Hope you enjoyed !


Saturday, July 18, 2015

New York Aquarium Part 2

New York Aquarium Part 2

Give it up for Diego ! This concludes the Seal Show .

Goodbye my friends !

After we left the aquarium , we walked down the famous Coney Island Boardwalk .

Frog , who came with us to see the show , waits for food at Nathan's . 

Here's a picture of Nathan's .

Finally ! Our Philly Cheesesteak and fries are here . Frog , get out of the box !

Finally , a picture a little display of the old Coney Island . It looked pretty cool . If you put in 25 cents , it moves and plays music !

Wow ! We had plenty of fun . The aquarium was really nice , but we had to rush to see the Seal Show , so we didn't have time to look around . We still had a really fun time .

What is the "hotspot" where you live ?