Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Tomorrow is the last day of school . I'm scared . I'm going to miss all those amazing people . The ones the made me smile , laugh , and made me happy . Thanks to the ones who made me angry and frustrated . The annoying kids , the funny  ones , all of them . Because not matter how much say I don't , I love each and every one of them to pieces . I'm tearing up because I'm going to miss them all so much . I know I'll see most of them when school starts , but I can't stop thinking about the ones I won't  . Will they remember me ? Will they still care ? With every fiber of my being , I hope they don't forget me .The know- it - all bookworm who was a bit crazy but friends with everyone . The teacher who was supposed to be my teacher next year is leaving to become a fireman ( wish him luck )
Even though he gave piles of homework , he was one of my favorites . He could laugh with us and made jokes all the time . I just don't know what I'm going to to . Once again , I'm going to miss all of them . Each and every one of those 29 other children . All the teachers too . And everyone else in that school . And everything in that school . Everything . Every single person and thing in the school . All of it .

Wish me luck . I hope I don't break into tears when I get into the classroom .

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