Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Rest of My Rant

This rant is going to have to be quick , cause' I'm at 18 percent right now .

A blog is kind of like an online journal . Your blog belongs to you . You can do whatever you want to with . Because it's yours .
Yes , doll blogs attract children . So , yeah , they should try to keep their posts  appropriate for younger children. But if they want to curse on it , they can . If they want to talk about gay people , let them go ahead . If they want to talk about anything , they can . It's their blog , not yours . Just cause' they want to talk about bands or curse doesn't give you a right to say something mean . If you have a problem with that , than stop reading . 
That was short , but I guarantee you that there will be more .

- LuNa -

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