Friday, June 26, 2015

OPENING MINI SAIGE !!! | Unboxing and review of mini Saige

Yep , mini Saige is finally here ! I actually got her yesterday and I also took these photos yesterday . She got here at exactly 5:27 PM.

Hi everyone! The whole AG family is gathered here today - we're opening a new member of the fam ! ( Josie is SOO happy ! )

Kaya: I lost my scissors, so I'll be using big human scissors to open this box .Always be careful while using them .
Opening it up ..........

YAY ! There's Saige !

Look at her sweet little face !

This is all the stuff she came with . Two human sized Saige books , a Truly Me catalog, a one-month free subscription to AG Magazine, a little Grace page that makes a great poster for us dolls , and of course ...... SAIGE !!!

The poster .

This envelope . 
Kanani : I wonder what's inside ?

Oooh ! Stickers !
 Here's the catalog.

Close -up of the cover .

Here are her books .

This is her out of the box . We were a bit disappointed that it didn't come with the signature American Girl cover .

Saige waves hello !

Look at her shoes and her dress !
Kanani: That's so pretty . I wish we had one in our size .

They look almost identical to her dress and shoes on her book .

Her hair , face , outfit , and shoes a closer up .


I already see she would be great in photo shoots !

Look at all the detail on her shoes .

She even has underwear ! 

A close up of her shoes .

Her outfit .

Her long brown hair . 

A comparison of Josie and Saige . Saige has a soft body , like most of the minis before Beforever .

The back of her neck says American Girl . She also has the string coming out of her neck . This also show her body in more detail.

By Universe In A Blog readers ! I'll be in a bunch more post and tons of photo-shoots ! I really hope you liked this opening/review .

Overall , Saige was a great buy . While being very pricy , I love her very much . I think she is a rather photogenic doll . I was disappointed that she did not come with the signature American Girl cover like the rest of the minis . I think that she is a great product and I recommend her :)

Well , that's all for now !

- LuNa
- Kanani

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