Sunday, June 21, 2015

Me - An AGPS in Honor of an amazing girl named Maddie

Maddie this is for you . It's nothing near what an amazing , beautiful , and intelligent girl like you deserves . I hope if you somehow find this and actually read it , you like it .

I'm stupid , dumb , unwanted , ugly - that's what they say.

I'll never be more than  garbage 

They don't see me cry behind the screen . They don't see the tears staining my clothes .

Am I all of these things ? Am I more ?

They're all wrong . I'm more . Much more .

I'll wipe the tears that once fell from my eyes .

I'll dry them until there are no more tears .

Wrong .

I'm better than this .

I won't let this get to me anymore .

I  am smart and pretty . I am awesome and strong . I don't need them to tell me who I am .

I am ME !!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed it . Excuse the bad quality of these pictures ;) 
Everyone please leave Maddie a comment on her blog telling her how wonderful she is :)

Until the next post ,
- LuNa -

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