Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's Talk a Bit : Leaked Pic of the 2016 GOTY

We've all seen the leaked pic of the Mini of the "2016 GOTY " I'm not sure if that is the doll .

This could be a prototype of the Girl of The Year of 2016 . IDK
I also think this might be a prototype of some sort .........
I have no a idea what this could be . It could also be a custom mini some person said was a leaked photo from AG . I'm absolutely clueless about this . For more info , check out those links I gave you in previous posts .
This could also be photoshopped. 
This probably is a photoshopped Mini Rebbeca.
PLEASE check out those links ! They are going to explain a bunch I can't .

The stand says "Kit" . Maybe this was the stand to prevent her real name from spreading .
Did AG post the pic ? If they didn't it could be a fake . 
Where do leaked photos actually come from ?
She looks a lot like Rebbeca , but her eyes are gray . She also has a darker skin tone ( yay ) . Her hair is not as curly .

Let's talk about this in the comment section below . 

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