Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This is a super quick update . Mini Saige should arrive tomorrow:)
I think I'm addicted to minis . I'm already begging my parents for Mini Felicity ( BarnesandNoble). We are going there to get a book I need for a summer assignment and the Blood of Olympus . I doubt she is going to want to spend anymore money .

Minis on My wishlist :
1. Felicity 
2. Caroline
4. Grace
5. MaryEllen 

*Sigh* That's about 125$ in minis . I can wait for MaryEllen , but Caroline is retiring soon so I need her. Isabelle's nice but I don't want her to be sold out before I can save up for her . Grace will be gone by 2016 and at Barnes and Noble she's only 17$ . Felicity might be sold out by Barnes and Noble soon too . 

My Newly Revised List 

1. Caroline 
2. Felicity 
3. Grace 
4. Isabelle 
4. Maryellen 

Caroline will be gone by August , so I need her ASAP . Felicity is a favorite of mine so I would like to get her soon . Grace will be gone by 2016 so I need her before she's gone or sold out . Isabelle may be taken off the AG page or sold out soon . I would like to be one of the first to have MaryEllen , but I can wait .

All these dolls are AG minis .

Wow that's a lot of minis . I really hope I can get all of them .


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