Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting Ready For Saige ( Part 1 )

Josie was very lonely . She was Kaya's and Kanani's only AG mini . Sometimes the others minis came to play , but not very often . She kept her house empty . The only thing she had was her bed . Josie dreamed of having a sister . 

One day , Kaya announced that they were going to get a new mini . She would arrive TODAY!!

Josie was so excited! She was going to have a sister ! She couldn't wait for her to get here .

Josie thought for a moment . She looked around . No one was going to want to be in an empty and dirty home ! 

She began to clean up all the stains and dirt .

It was such hard work ! She was very tired . She went to her room and slept .

Soon , she woke up . She began to decorate all the rooms . She decided to start with the living room .

She added chairs and a TV .

She also did the Study . She put in a bookshelf, a globe , a desk , and a chair .

In the kitchen, she added a kitchen set and some food .

She also had a pet room . She didn't know if Saige had a pet. She put in a grooming/sleeping mat , food and water , a brush , and a cage . She also let her pet dog and cat inside .

She was tired after all that decorating and cleaning , so she decided to take a short break and read a book .

Hi everyone! Saige is supposed to come today , so I cleaned out my dollhouse to re-decorate . I hope you enjoyed this photo story , and stay tuned for Part 2 !


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