Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Rant-y Post

Yes, I have a rant . Yes, a lot of doll bloggers are doing this  . And Yes , this has to do with Maddie's post on how she feels she being judged for who she is .

A lot of bloggers feel that they have to change themselves for their blogs . No , I never really felt that . The only thing was I was afraid to tell you some stuff because I didn't know how you would react . Now , I'm going to tell you . Because I don't want to hold things back and seem like the " perfect " blogger . I'm tired of keeping things back because I don't know what your going to think . This is MY blog . I'm here to be MYSELF. 

1. I have no problem with gay people .

2. My favorite Youtubers are Danisnotonfire , AmazingPhil , and Tyler Oakley . Yes , they curse . And have some inappropriate things . But I still love them .

3. I listen to Panic! At the disco , My Chemical Romance and Sleeping with Sirens .

This is just for now , coz it's like 11:00 clock right now . I'll probably have another five paragraphs or something tomorrow . To be honest , I'm not always like this but yeah .

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