Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have no idea what to post . No idea . I'm really bored , so please comment ideas for posts . If anyone could comment themes for pictures I would like that . I'm going to the park tomorrow , but I don't want her to get dirty or stolen . I might bring Saige IDK . My mom is forcing me to play tennis again (  I've been playing for 5 years ) and I'm tired of it . I want to take pictures and explore new places and run around . I DO NOT want to play tennis . Anyway , tennis starts tomorrow. Bye !


Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's Talk a Bit : Leaked Pic of the 2016 GOTY

We've all seen the leaked pic of the Mini of the "2016 GOTY " I'm not sure if that is the doll .

This could be a prototype of the Girl of The Year of 2016 . IDK
I also think this might be a prototype of some sort .........
I have no a idea what this could be . It could also be a custom mini some person said was a leaked photo from AG . I'm absolutely clueless about this . For more info , check out those links I gave you in previous posts .
This could also be photoshopped. 
This probably is a photoshopped Mini Rebbeca.
PLEASE check out those links ! They are going to explain a bunch I can't .

The stand says "Kit" . Maybe this was the stand to prevent her real name from spreading .
Did AG post the pic ? If they didn't it could be a fake . 
Where do leaked photos actually come from ?
She looks a lot like Rebbeca , but her eyes are gray . She also has a darker skin tone ( yay ) . Her hair is not as curly .

Let's talk about this in the comment section below . 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

About the GOTY 2016

I'm going to share the post . I hope it's OK sharing it . I'm just going to direct you to the blog .

This blog


Here is a leaked picture of the (maybe ) 2016 GOTY mini . I'm happy she seems to have a fair skin tone .her name is Gabriella ( I probably spelled that wrong ) .

I like this dress and shoes . I read on some blog that they are holding auditions for her movie , and she is supposed to have a friend of color . I think she goes on a trip to Africa ( I'm really not sure  at all ) and she is a cultural person . I am so mad at myself for forgetting the name . I was actually going to link you guys , but I wasn't sure if the blog would be OK with it because they had to get permission to share . 

Find out more at This blog . 


I Started A WordPress !

I started a WordPress ! I'm not really sure what to do with it , but I think it might be a more toy blog , or maybe the same exact posts . I really wanted it ( why ? IDK ) A
pand Im glad I have it . I'm to lazy to link but it is called Universe in A Blog (universeinablog.wordpress.com ) ? I made it because I realized a lot of Wordpress readers/viewers can't comment and stuff on blogger .  I really wish I had a picture for you readers today but I don't . I also noticed I'm not posting as often as I used to ........ 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Really Important Question

Hi everyone- I have a very important question . Should I start a wordpress ? I would still post on this blog , but probably not as often. I already have a wordpress account ( universerevolves13 ) . It seems like a lot of people have and love Wordpress . I would like to spread my posts to other platforms ( does that kinda make sense ? ). Another idea is having the same exact posts on each of the blogs . Like , copying and pasting the posts . So should I ? Thanks for all your help !


Friday, June 26, 2015

OPENING MINI SAIGE !!! | Unboxing and review of mini Saige

Yep , mini Saige is finally here ! I actually got her yesterday and I also took these photos yesterday . She got here at exactly 5:27 PM.

Hi everyone! The whole AG family is gathered here today - we're opening a new member of the fam ! ( Josie is SOO happy ! )

Kaya: I lost my scissors, so I'll be using big human scissors to open this box .Always be careful while using them .
Opening it up ..........

YAY ! There's Saige !

Look at her sweet little face !

This is all the stuff she came with . Two human sized Saige books , a Truly Me catalog, a one-month free subscription to AG Magazine, a little Grace page that makes a great poster for us dolls , and of course ...... SAIGE !!!

The poster .

This envelope . 
Kanani : I wonder what's inside ?

Oooh ! Stickers !
 Here's the catalog.

Close -up of the cover .

Here are her books .

This is her out of the box . We were a bit disappointed that it didn't come with the signature American Girl cover .

Saige waves hello !

Look at her shoes and her dress !
Kanani: That's so pretty . I wish we had one in our size .

They look almost identical to her dress and shoes on her book .

Her hair , face , outfit , and shoes a closer up .


I already see she would be great in photo shoots !

Look at all the detail on her shoes .

She even has underwear ! 

A close up of her shoes .

Her outfit .

Her long brown hair . 

A comparison of Josie and Saige . Saige has a soft body , like most of the minis before Beforever .

The back of her neck says American Girl . She also has the string coming out of her neck . This also show her body in more detail.

By Universe In A Blog readers ! I'll be in a bunch more post and tons of photo-shoots ! I really hope you liked this opening/review .

Overall , Saige was a great buy . While being very pricy , I love her very much . I think she is a rather photogenic doll . I was disappointed that she did not come with the signature American Girl cover like the rest of the minis . I think that she is a great product and I recommend her :)

Well , that's all for now !

- LuNa
- Kanani

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting Ready For Saige ( Part 1 )

Josie was very lonely . She was Kaya's and Kanani's only AG mini . Sometimes the others minis came to play , but not very often . She kept her house empty . The only thing she had was her bed . Josie dreamed of having a sister . 

One day , Kaya announced that they were going to get a new mini . She would arrive TODAY!!

Josie was so excited! She was going to have a sister ! She couldn't wait for her to get here .

Josie thought for a moment . She looked around . No one was going to want to be in an empty and dirty home ! 

She began to clean up all the stains and dirt .

It was such hard work ! She was very tired . She went to her room and slept .

Soon , she woke up . She began to decorate all the rooms . She decided to start with the living room .

She added chairs and a TV .

She also did the Study . She put in a bookshelf, a globe , a desk , and a chair .

In the kitchen, she added a kitchen set and some food .

She also had a pet room . She didn't know if Saige had a pet. She put in a grooming/sleeping mat , food and water , a brush , and a cage . She also let her pet dog and cat inside .

She was tired after all that decorating and cleaning , so she decided to take a short break and read a book .

Hi everyone! Saige is supposed to come today , so I cleaned out my dollhouse to re-decorate . I hope you enjoyed this photo story , and stay tuned for Part 2 !


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I forgot to say in my last post that I also wanted Marie Grace .......

Photo Credit: BarnesandNoble 

Sorry For the blurry Photo

I want so many ........


This is a super quick update . Mini Saige should arrive tomorrow:)
I think I'm addicted to minis . I'm already begging my parents for Mini Felicity ( BarnesandNoble). We are going there to get a book I need for a summer assignment and the Blood of Olympus . I doubt she is going to want to spend anymore money .

Minis on My wishlist :
1. Felicity 
2. Caroline
4. Grace
5. MaryEllen 

*Sigh* That's about 125$ in minis . I can wait for MaryEllen , but Caroline is retiring soon so I need her. Isabelle's nice but I don't want her to be sold out before I can save up for her . Grace will be gone by 2016 and at Barnes and Noble she's only 17$ . Felicity might be sold out by Barnes and Noble soon too . 

My Newly Revised List 

1. Caroline 
2. Felicity 
3. Grace 
4. Isabelle 
4. Maryellen 

Caroline will be gone by August , so I need her ASAP . Felicity is a favorite of mine so I would like to get her soon . Grace will be gone by 2016 so I need her before she's gone or sold out . Isabelle may be taken off the AG page or sold out soon . I would like to be one of the first to have MaryEllen , but I can wait .

All these dolls are AG minis .

Wow that's a lot of minis . I really hope I can get all of them .


Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Why hello friends , I am still alive . I've just been super lazy lately and I need some *dramatic pause * 

I'm also working on better post ( admit it , my post are awful ) , more humor , and more Me . For blog that's been around for four months , this blog needs more development. 

So yeah , this blog is officially ..... dun dun dun ... UNDER CONSTRUCTION! The Horror !

I'll still be posting , but if your scrolling and then you see a picture pop up out of nowhere ..........


Nah , it means that I'm probably working on this mess I call a blog .

On a totally unrelated note , how was your breakfast ?

Anywho , I'm trying to get 20 followers by the end of summer . Yes , I know it's a lot and I will probably never reach it , but we all must have goals , right ?

I'll post more about all this craziness later , but BYES !

P.S I have to post this really really quick cuz it's 11:59 .....

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Me - An AGPS in Honor of an amazing girl named Maddie

Maddie this is for you . It's nothing near what an amazing , beautiful , and intelligent girl like you deserves . I hope if you somehow find this and actually read it , you like it .

I'm stupid , dumb , unwanted , ugly - that's what they say.

I'll never be more than  garbage 

They don't see me cry behind the screen . They don't see the tears staining my clothes .

Am I all of these things ? Am I more ?

They're all wrong . I'm more . Much more .

I'll wipe the tears that once fell from my eyes .

I'll dry them until there are no more tears .

Wrong .

I'm better than this .

I won't let this get to me anymore .

I  am smart and pretty . I am awesome and strong . I don't need them to tell me who I am .

I am ME !!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed it . Excuse the bad quality of these pictures ;) 
Everyone please leave Maddie a comment on her blog telling her how wonderful she is :)

Until the next post ,
- LuNa -