Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Battle Of Hogwarts

If you didn't know before , I am a HUGE potter head. Today , is one of the saddest and happiest day of any potter head - the Battle of Hogwarts . So many good magical beings died on May 2, 1998 - about 17 years ago . Yet , seventeen years later , we still remember the day Harry James Potter defeated Voldemort . My dolls are going to try to use all the HP merchandise I have as a tribute to this day. If you like Harry Potter , post a picture of your dolls with anything HP - even if you made it yourself . Share this . You can send me a pic of your dolls or toys remembering The HP universe today . If you send me photos , they will be added to a post I will make called HP Tributes -  The Battle of Hogwarts . Share this info to all doll blogs or anything doll related. If you like HP , comment down below !

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