Friday, May 1, 2015

Should I make a Photostory ?

I started taking some pictures to attempt a photo shoot , but instead of just photos , they see,Ed like a story. So , I'm going to post the pic and TRY a photo story. This is just an attempt , me practicing my photography skills. Also it's just for fun:)

CHEDDAR!  Screamed Cheddar's manager. You have a photo shoot for Toy time Magazine soon. Your putting your career in danger.

Cheddar stood in front of the camera. 'I'm here ' she announced.

'You look horrible ! 'said Cheddar's manager trying desperately to fix her hair.
Her designer and stylist ,Andromeda , kept pulling her hair trying to fix it. ' Cheddar , why didn't you fix your hair before we left ? You could have ruined your career with all these bad decisions.' Andromeda scolded.

Cheddar put her head down , ashamed.

Pick your head up !' Andromeda yelled , yanking her face upwards.

Being famous isn't all that fun ' Cheddar thought, feeling sad and lonely.

Did you like it ? I know it wasn't very good , but it was my first try , so bear with me.
Would you like this to be continued ? Comments below what you thought about it.
BYES !!!!


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