Monday, May 18, 2015

Q/A With Kaya , Kanani , and Mini Josie

Today I will be doing a Q/A with all My AG dolls. If you have questions , it would be AWESOME if you could comment them down below.

1. What are your favorite colors ?

Kaya: Green like  the earth  !
Kanani: Blue like the waves back home in Hawaii .
Josie: Purple represents peace , something I stand for.

2. Favorite book ?

Kanani :  *disfuctioning*
Josie: ..............

3. Favorite doll or toy website  ?

Kaya : Hmmm , maybe Doll Diaires .
Kanani : I really like American Girl Fan .
Josie: I spend HOURS on the Toy Box Philosopher .

3. Favorite Doll or Toy Blog ?

Kaya: Tea Time with Melody Q . I LOVE tea. 
Kanani: All things Doll or Fun with AG Fan.
Josie: Maybe My Froggy Stuff .

4. Thoughts on Grace ?

Kaya : She looks pretty nice , and hear she's a great baker !
Kanani: Our owner is working on Grace paper doll and her set , and it looks neat !
Josie : I can't wait until Mini Grace gets home ! I think she'll be here after Caroline arrives .

5. Thoughts on Caroline's retirement ? 

Kaya : Pretty sad . That's the first doll our owner's sister ever wanted !
Kanani: I really enjoyed her time period , though I REALLY want her cat .
Josie: I'm sad , but this means mini Caroline might be coming home !

I hope you all enjoyed this , as my dolls did . Comment questions for the next Q/A with the Dolls. See you at the next post !

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