Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to make a Doll Book

Today I have a craft ........ How to Make A Doll Book ! I hope you enjoy it .

You will need :

Post its (any size should do)
Construction paper or downsized book cover 
Decorating supplies(optional)

First , trace your post- its. Trace the front , back , the ' sticky ' side on construction paper . If you have a printed downsized cover , this step is not necessary.

When you are finished tracing  it should look like this :

Cut it out .

Bend these lines . ( if you have a printout, bend the middle lines . If you don't understand , hopefully the pic below helps )

Put the post its inside and glue down the cover . If you want to be able to open the front cover , skip this step.

Here's how the front should look :

Glue down the back and the middle . If you want to open the back cover skip this step. Make sure to glue down the middle .

The back should look like this :

Now, DECORATE !!!!

I'm going simple - just writing DIARY .
How would you decorate yours ?

I'm writing inside some of the pages.

Kaya enjoys her new diary ! 

I love this craft and I will be making tons of books using this technique. Please tell me if you like it ! There are tons of ways to decorate and design these books. I hope you enjoyed!

- LuNa-


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