Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dolls React : Disabled Dolls

The newest news in the doll world is all about these new dolls with disabilities . Here's what my dolls think .

 Q) First Thought ?

Kaya : I think it is beautiful that toymakers are finally making dolls to match girls with disabilities .

Kanani : Wow. I'm really happy they're doing this , and I think American Girl needs to do something like this.

Josie: I hope they start making mini dolls like this . I think that these dolls are really pretty !

Q) What do you love most about these new dolls ?

Kaya : I love that there are dolls for girls that felt like they weren't 'perfect' because of their disabilities.

Kanani: I love how they look - they're just so pretty !

Josie: I love everything - it's hard to say  !

Q) Would you like these dolls to be a part of the Doll Family ?

Kaya : Yes !

Kanani : Of course !

Josie : Totally !

That's all for now , but expect more post on this topic soon !

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