Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doll Finds at Target

Here are some cheap Doll sized finds I found at target.

Doll Sized Plant Pot - 1$
This item is perfect for our dolls with a green thumb !

Doll Sized laundry basket - 1$ 

This looks like a cloth laundry basket , but could also be for holding doll accessories. They can hold it well.

LPS - 2.99
These are a little pricy , but look like awesome doll toys . These are also great for the toy/LPS collector.

Circo Mini Baby - about 4$
These are perfect for the doll collecter , but are also great babies for your 18' inch.

Barbie Clothes - 2.99 

These clothes work well for the minis , but if your a Barbie collector , some new clothes for your barbies !

OG Dogs - 3.99
These dogs were so cute , I had just had to get one . There are a lot to choose from. There is also a OG sale ( buy one OG item , get the next one 40% off ).

Shopkins SEASON 3 - prices vary
I can't believe season 3 is here ! My mom said no ( off our budget ) , but these are great items for your favorite mini .

OG Minis - 10$ 
A bit pricey, but very cute. I didn't see any I liked , but I love their outfits.

A bunch of OG stuff is on sale , so hurry and get some before the sale is over !
I didn't buy all of this stuff ( I'm saving up for Mini Caroline ) ,just one thing. I hope you get some of this awesome doll sized stuff and thanks for reading !

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