Saturday, May 23, 2015

Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby Review

Today , I will be reviewing the Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby. My little sis saw this at Target , and she couldn't resist !

Front of the Box.


One side.

The other side .
Her pretty face !

This it what the set includes. ( teacup , sippy cup , teapot,  diaper , headband, and doll ) 
Close up of the set.
Her out of the box .

Look at that cute little face !

Her headband and her hair. Her hair is both brown and black.
Her teeny tiny toes !

Her teacup , sippy cup , teapot out of the box.

Her dress , headband , and diaper .

Her diaper .

Her dress. I love all the Bears on it .

She is a drinks and wets doll - yes , she drinks then she pees !

The instructions.

This doll is very beautiful, and my little sis loved that she can change the baby's diaper. Some problems are that the diapers are very expensive. Fun With Baby Alive , my sis's favorite YouTube channel , shows you alternatives to buying diapers. There are also many ways to make diapers. I've heard that these dolls can easily get clogged . The food made specially for them is also expensive. Fun With Baby Alive also shows you how to make food for your Baby Alives. Overall , I think this is a good product and I recommend it . 

Please comment names for this doll !

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