Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Review Sort of thing ? Reviewing OG Pup

Morning Everyone- well to those in the eastern time zone .Today I Will be reviewing ......,

OG Chocolate Shih Tzu Pup !!!
First off - these pups are absolutely adorable. I stood in the store for half an hour trying to chose which one to adopt ! I picked this pup because it reminded me of Barksee , Kanani's dog .

Here is cute little Barksee in his box . ( his name is Barksee )

The front of the box . I love all of the cute designs on this .

The hearts on this side are so cute !

This side of the box shows what it includes .

This is the back of the box .

Now , to the interesting part ......
The pup !

This is how the leash looks .

Barksee out of the box .

Another picture of him and his box.

Him in Kaya's lap ! They are really small , and they are definitely baby puppies. 

Kaya holding him.

Aww ! They look so cute together!

Kaya petting him !

He is soft and is very cute . His eyes and nose are sewn on. He is small and not really a good size for your 18' inch . They probably are just baby pups , but for a price of 3.99 ( USA ) , these pups are a steal ! Expect more photos with this little guy soon ! 
PS . 2 more days until CDD ( camp doll diaries ) !!' Are you going ? I am !

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