Saturday, May 30, 2015

Maryellen Mini Doll - I am soo getting her !

*sigh* I want about 75$ in mini dolls. 

Found a pic of the Maryellen mini !

Name that Doll ! #1

I know a lot of people LOVE Name That Doll , so I decided to name one !

Name this beauty!

Let's see what you come up with !

How to make a Doll Book

Today I have a craft ........ How to Make A Doll Book ! I hope you enjoy it .

You will need :

Post its (any size should do)
Construction paper or downsized book cover 
Decorating supplies(optional)

First , trace your post- its. Trace the front , back , the ' sticky ' side on construction paper . If you have a printed downsized cover , this step is not necessary.

When you are finished tracing  it should look like this :

Cut it out .

Bend these lines . ( if you have a printout, bend the middle lines . If you don't understand , hopefully the pic below helps )

Put the post its inside and glue down the cover . If you want to be able to open the front cover , skip this step.

Here's how the front should look :

Glue down the back and the middle . If you want to open the back cover skip this step. Make sure to glue down the middle .

The back should look like this :

Now, DECORATE !!!!

I'm going simple - just writing DIARY .
How would you decorate yours ?

I'm writing inside some of the pages.

Kaya enjoys her new diary ! 

I love this craft and I will be making tons of books using this technique. Please tell me if you like it ! There are tons of ways to decorate and design these books. I hope you enjoyed!

- LuNa-


A Review Sort of thing ? Reviewing OG Pup

Morning Everyone- well to those in the eastern time zone .Today I Will be reviewing ......,

OG Chocolate Shih Tzu Pup !!!
First off - these pups are absolutely adorable. I stood in the store for half an hour trying to chose which one to adopt ! I picked this pup because it reminded me of Barksee , Kanani's dog .

Here is cute little Barksee in his box . ( his name is Barksee )

The front of the box . I love all of the cute designs on this .

The hearts on this side are so cute !

This side of the box shows what it includes .

This is the back of the box .

Now , to the interesting part ......
The pup !

This is how the leash looks .

Barksee out of the box .

Another picture of him and his box.

Him in Kaya's lap ! They are really small , and they are definitely baby puppies. 

Kaya holding him.

Aww ! They look so cute together!

Kaya petting him !

He is soft and is very cute . His eyes and nose are sewn on. He is small and not really a good size for your 18' inch . They probably are just baby pups , but for a price of 3.99 ( USA ) , these pups are a steal ! Expect more photos with this little guy soon ! 
PS . 2 more days until CDD ( camp doll diaries ) !!' Are you going ? I am !

Friday, May 29, 2015

Random Photo

Here's a edit for summer I made for out OG puppy , Barksee .


For such a little pup , he sure has one wild imagination.


Is there anything I could do to make this blog better ? More Pics ? New Design ? More Posts ? Longer Posts ? This blog seems dull and I want more people to enjoy it . PLEASE SUGGEST !!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random Pics

I have some random photos I took , and I wanted to share them withe you !

Those are the pictures I have of my OG dog , which was 3.99 . What a steal !

Here's one of Kanani :

Kanani : No ! Don't take a picture of me ! My hair is crazy !

That's all for today folks . 
Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will a craft and a review I have been wanting to post posted ! 
P.S Any suggestions ? This blog needs some jazzing up and I need YOU to help me !

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Suggestions ?

This blog needs some spicing up - any suggestions you want to make ? I really want to get more followers and more views . If you have ANY suggestions , PLEASE comment them below .

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day !!!

On behalf of the Universe in a Blog Team , Kaya wishes all a Happy Memorial Day !!

With difficulty , I managed to get Kaya into red , white , and blue . Kaya and I are very thankful for all those brave men and woman that died protecting us and our country . Happy Memorial Day !

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Truly Me Sweeptakes

American girl is having a Sweeptakes ! Find all the info and enter Here .

Doll Finds at Target

Here are some cheap Doll sized finds I found at target.

Doll Sized Plant Pot - 1$
This item is perfect for our dolls with a green thumb !

Doll Sized laundry basket - 1$ 

This looks like a cloth laundry basket , but could also be for holding doll accessories. They can hold it well.

LPS - 2.99
These are a little pricy , but look like awesome doll toys . These are also great for the toy/LPS collector.

Circo Mini Baby - about 4$
These are perfect for the doll collecter , but are also great babies for your 18' inch.

Barbie Clothes - 2.99 

These clothes work well for the minis , but if your a Barbie collector , some new clothes for your barbies !

OG Dogs - 3.99
These dogs were so cute , I had just had to get one . There are a lot to choose from. There is also a OG sale ( buy one OG item , get the next one 40% off ).

Shopkins SEASON 3 - prices vary
I can't believe season 3 is here ! My mom said no ( off our budget ) , but these are great items for your favorite mini .

OG Minis - 10$ 
A bit pricey, but very cute. I didn't see any I liked , but I love their outfits.

A bunch of OG stuff is on sale , so hurry and get some before the sale is over !
I didn't buy all of this stuff ( I'm saving up for Mini Caroline ) ,just one thing. I hope you get some of this awesome doll sized stuff and thanks for reading !

Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby Review

Today , I will be reviewing the Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby. My little sis saw this at Target , and she couldn't resist !

Front of the Box.


One side.

The other side .
Her pretty face !

This it what the set includes. ( teacup , sippy cup , teapot,  diaper , headband, and doll ) 
Close up of the set.
Her out of the box .

Look at that cute little face !

Her headband and her hair. Her hair is both brown and black.
Her teeny tiny toes !

Her teacup , sippy cup , teapot out of the box.

Her dress , headband , and diaper .

Her diaper .

Her dress. I love all the Bears on it .

She is a drinks and wets doll - yes , she drinks then she pees !

The instructions.

This doll is very beautiful, and my little sis loved that she can change the baby's diaper. Some problems are that the diapers are very expensive. Fun With Baby Alive , my sis's favorite YouTube channel , shows you alternatives to buying diapers. There are also many ways to make diapers. I've heard that these dolls can easily get clogged . The food made specially for them is also expensive. Fun With Baby Alive also shows you how to make food for your Baby Alives. Overall , I think this is a good product and I recommend it . 

Please comment names for this doll !