Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Wish-list

Every Wednesday ,I will do something called Wednesday Wish-list. Here , I will post about things I want and ask you questions too !

5. The Big Book of Happy
Okay , at only $3 who couldn't resist ?

4.   Silver Shimmer Dress
 So much silver shine ! $14

3. Isabelle's Fancy Jewelry Box
This item will be retired soon ! $18

2.Isabelle's Rosette Leotard
This is from GOTY Isabelle's collection ! Who wouldn't want it ? May I mention it's only $5 !
1. The Fair Isle Pjs
I got these for my friends , but my mom forgot to buy one for me ! $10

Most of these are WAY under $20 except for the Jewelry Box. All the rest are under $15
There are SOO many more items I want , but I chose items that were the cheapest.
NOTE: all these items were found under "Sale" on the American Girl website.
You can always find the best deals in the sale section on the website.
Go to American Girl Sale. What are your favorite items ?

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