Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I wanted to update you on a couple of things. I will update the Doll Dining review. Sorry  it wasn't  very good , my wifi wasn't working so everything was rushed and a lot of parts got cut. The Shopkins will be coming later in this month.  I don't know exactly. I MIGHT be doing a quick brush over on two American Girl outfits , but they were purchased or friends. I bought a Doll Dining and PJs for a friend ( I owed her two gifts ) and the Coconut Cutie outfit for the other. She got Grace the same day I got Kaya.We Skype all the time and I will see if I could get some pictures of Grace. Sorry The Daily Doll wasn't updated , I tried to but my wifi was not working with me. I will also be sending in a photo for Throwback Thursday on Doll Diaries. Please make me a Doll Diaries Pick for the week by leaving a link to my blog on that post. Thanks everyone !

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