Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Adventures of Mini Josefina

Before we get to Josefina , I would like to apologize for not updating earlier today. I wa scoring chores to try to earn some money to buy something Doll related. I'm either going to buy a La Newborn baby doll , or a mini AG doll. Since I won't be getting a full sized Grace doll , I think I will get a mini. Josie will have a friend her size .I know a lot of dolls I want I will never be able to buy, so I just buy minis . So a mini Grace or a La Newborn ? They are both 25$. 
Yesterday m we drove for an hour and half to get to Universoul Circus. I decided to bring little Josie with me to share in the adventures. Here are some photos I got.

This was when we were driving :)

Sorry there blurry , their lights weren't helping .
Hopefully I will be able to post soon . A shout out to Hope , who always 1+ my post .  I love your blog so much Hope !  Anyways , BYES !!!!!!!

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