Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shopkins !!!

I love Shopkins ! I recently purchased some , and they're amazing. They fit perfectly into Mini doll play. They come with shopping bags and baskets which are great for dolls  ( minis are the best )of many different brands. They work well for small figurines such as Calico Critters. I'm sorry it is so late , but better late then never ! I will do the review soon. 

You can easily incorporate these into your minis ' world.  Here are some photos of how I did I it.

The living room.

The kitchen.

The bathroom.

A doll movie theater !
With these Shopkins , there are so many possibilities. I think you should all get these. They are very useful for mine s and can be furniture and food. They have a whole bakery section , so you mini Grace would love it !
You can also set it up as a mini doll supermarket or store.
The shopping bags look great on them.

I bought the mega 20 pack , and it was worth my money.  Your dolls can use these in many different ways. If you make a stop-motion these are perfect. These can also be your big dolls toys.You can collect them and they are great quality. If you have Shopkins, show me the creative things you do with them ! Send me a pic on Google+ and I will show it on this blog. I hope you enjoyed this quick brush-over , and stay the amazing people you are !


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