Monday, April 27, 2015

Life Lessons With Kaya #1 : Money

Hi everyone, it's Kaya , and it's time for Life Lessons With Kaya !
I   , Kaya , am collecting bits and pieces about life from my experiences and sharing them with you here !
I might be a doll , but we know quite a lot . What do you think we do when you leave the house ? We don't just sit there ! Today , I'm addressing a problem that a lot of us have : Money 
One time , we went the the American Girl Place. I saw an outfit I wanted so bad. When I checked my wallet , it was empty ! Hopefully these tips help you save up money for something you want , and you don't end up like I did !

I know some things are hard to resist , but you must ask yourself "do I need it ?" . Tell yourself when you get the thing you are saving up for , all of this will be worth it. Even if you really want it , let yourself know you can live without it. When you finally get you item , you'll be glad you didn't get it. The ore money you save , the closer you are to getting it.

Your parents might pay you to do chores around the house.Even though this might be hard work, just keep your item in mind the whole time . If you parents won't pay you for chores, you can try mowing lawns , bake sales , lemonade stands  , etcetera. If you can't do any of these things or you don't want to , you can set up Google Adsense . If you use blogger and have a blog, it is an option. Google Adsense puts ads on your blog that are related to what your blog is about. You are paid for having the ads on you blog. The more viewers you have, the more money you can earn. Google Adsense is an easy way to earn money.

If your crafty and you're sure some of your  crafts are worthy , you can set up an esty. Make sure you have your parents permission. On esty , you can sell some of your crafts and get money. Making the crafts might take a while , but always make them to the best of your ability.

On special occasions such as holidays and birthdays, ask for money instead of gifts. This way , you can save up money for your item. If it is your birthday, ask for the item for your birthday . Ask someone like your parents to get you the item if it is expensive.

Shopping is one thing that will throw you off course when saving up. You might see something and want to spend the hard earned money on that. While shopping, control yourself and don't buy anything  unless you need it (ex: school supplies). 

Use coupons !!' Browse the Internet , magazines, catalogs , etcetera for coupons for what you are buying. If you are going to the mall or a certain store bring some coupons from that store with you. You might want to buy something and don't want to spend too much money . Coupons are a great ways to save on everything. With the money you save with coupons , you may be able to buy your item ! Stores and store websites are great places to find coupons for a specific store. Getting them from official places like that are ways to know the coupon will be real and valid.

Giving you awesome readers some tips was really fun ! I hope you like these Life Lessons. Comment if you would like this series to continue or if you have a suggestion for next week's lesson .
Well , that's all for now blog -readers ! See you next week !
00 Kaya 00

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