Thursday, April 2, 2015

CIRCO Baby Doll Review

While I was at target , I stumbled upon this beauty in the toy aisle. 

These dolls come in 3 different skin tones ( light , medium, and dark ) This one is dark skinned with hazel eyes. You can choose between two dresses.

Included is:

. The doll

. A dress

. A headband

. A pacifier 

. A pamper

I think all of this was a good deal for only 9$ . I am thinking of going back to buy more !

These dolls also fit in AG clothes , but the clothes is a little loose.

AG dolls fit in the baby's clothes , but it  is tight and short and looks like a shirt.

Just to give you an idea of the baby's size , here's a photo.

The pacifier can be put on the baby's arm or other places you might want to put it.

The pamper is removable so you can "change" the baby's diaper.

A closer look  at some of the items .

You an buy many items for your baby at Target , including clothes and accessories .
You can also buy minis for only $4. I will buy one soon. The minis are perfect AG size , and can make good dolls, siblings , or just for play.

They come with clothes and hats.
These are so cute and Adollable . These are an amazing deal.

Some more pics !

I decided to name her Hazel after Hazel in Heroes Of Olympus.

The Circo brand mark is on her bum.

These are perfect for ages 3-100. She is so beautiful and cheap. I love that I am able to buy her clothes and accessories . I rate this product 5 stars. I just love her SOOO much !!!!!! 

How do you like her ? Would you buy her ? Do you have one ? Comment below !

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