Thursday, April 30, 2015

AG Sale

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

 Today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day !   Thanks Melody Silverleaf for telling me ! Anyway , I don't have a shelter pet , but there are a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood. My dolls are here with some pictures of their shelter pets . I you have a shelter pet , give ita big hug today :)

Sorry the photos are so blurry , I have no natural lighting right now.

Please make sure to enter my giveaway !

Giveaway !!!!!

Sorry for not updating sooner. I decided that I am hosting a giveaway. I can only ship to US and Canada. I will be giving FIVE AG books. You can pick any of these :

The one on the top left is changes for Josefina. If you win you can pick any five of these. Make sure you have your parents permission , because if you win , you have to give me your address. I might add a paper doll to it. To enter , all you have to do is :

Tell me you want to enter. ( please make sure to include your username)
Tell me the name of your favorite book.
Share to a forum ( Google+ , Facebook, Twitter)
Follow this blog

To Get an extra 5 entries:

Share to more forums ( Pinterest)
Post on your blog 
The more places you share , the more entries you are given
Send me a picture of your dolls or toys ( please send to my google+ )
The  Giveaway will end on May 30th.
Thank you to all who enter !

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The edit of the day ..............

Today's edit is a cute one - one of the girls' little brother. 

Aww , look at it ! The girls call it the annoyingbrother cat. Sorry for the lack of post , school is getting harder. I hope you enjoyed this little edit.

American Girl Trivia #1

I decided every week I would try to do a AG doll related trivia. Try to use you memory and not Google XD. No cheating:)

Today's question is ...................................

Who was the 6th GOTY and what year was she released ?

Everyone who answered correctly will get a shoutout. Have fun !!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Doll Diaries Notice

Doll Diaries has something very important on their website. Here is the link.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Life Lessons With Kaya #1 : Money

Hi everyone, it's Kaya , and it's time for Life Lessons With Kaya !
I   , Kaya , am collecting bits and pieces about life from my experiences and sharing them with you here !
I might be a doll , but we know quite a lot . What do you think we do when you leave the house ? We don't just sit there ! Today , I'm addressing a problem that a lot of us have : Money 
One time , we went the the American Girl Place. I saw an outfit I wanted so bad. When I checked my wallet , it was empty ! Hopefully these tips help you save up money for something you want , and you don't end up like I did !

I know some things are hard to resist , but you must ask yourself "do I need it ?" . Tell yourself when you get the thing you are saving up for , all of this will be worth it. Even if you really want it , let yourself know you can live without it. When you finally get you item , you'll be glad you didn't get it. The ore money you save , the closer you are to getting it.

Your parents might pay you to do chores around the house.Even though this might be hard work, just keep your item in mind the whole time . If you parents won't pay you for chores, you can try mowing lawns , bake sales , lemonade stands  , etcetera. If you can't do any of these things or you don't want to , you can set up Google Adsense . If you use blogger and have a blog, it is an option. Google Adsense puts ads on your blog that are related to what your blog is about. You are paid for having the ads on you blog. The more viewers you have, the more money you can earn. Google Adsense is an easy way to earn money.

If your crafty and you're sure some of your  crafts are worthy , you can set up an esty. Make sure you have your parents permission. On esty , you can sell some of your crafts and get money. Making the crafts might take a while , but always make them to the best of your ability.

On special occasions such as holidays and birthdays, ask for money instead of gifts. This way , you can save up money for your item. If it is your birthday, ask for the item for your birthday . Ask someone like your parents to get you the item if it is expensive.

Shopping is one thing that will throw you off course when saving up. You might see something and want to spend the hard earned money on that. While shopping, control yourself and don't buy anything  unless you need it (ex: school supplies). 

Use coupons !!' Browse the Internet , magazines, catalogs , etcetera for coupons for what you are buying. If you are going to the mall or a certain store bring some coupons from that store with you. You might want to buy something and don't want to spend too much money . Coupons are a great ways to save on everything. With the money you save with coupons , you may be able to buy your item ! Stores and store websites are great places to find coupons for a specific store. Getting them from official places like that are ways to know the coupon will be real and valid.

Giving you awesome readers some tips was really fun ! I hope you like these Life Lessons. Comment if you would like this series to continue or if you have a suggestion for next week's lesson .
Well , that's all for now blog -readers ! See you next week !
00 Kaya 00

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New MAG Outfit and Truly Me

Most of you already know this , but this is for those who don't . I want everyone to know !

1. AG is changing MAG ( My American Girl ) to Truly Me.

2. They have a new meet outfit.

3. They now have dolls without hair.

Interesting , right ? They also have one with the old MAG outfit

I really want one of these without hair ! 

They are retiring three MAGs . My friend has #25. Do you want any of these ?




Grace has a new outfit that has not been released yet . She also has a new book. 

*****SPOILER ALERT *************

Extra Info :
 There are rumors that Truly Me will be released May 21, 2015. I'm not sure if this is true.

Life Lessons with Kaya will be posted soon.

New Beforever Maryellen Picture

I found a few pictures of Maryellen, the new AG Historical character that has not been released.

Looks like she's around the 70 or 60's .

She looks really nice. I don't think I'll get her , but you never know ! If her story is nice , I will buy it and do a book review. Do you like her ? Would you buy her ?

Shoutout and Announcements

First , I'll do the shoutout. Shoutout to ................................................................................................

Hope !! Your comments always brighten up my day ! ( If you want a shoutout, comment :)

For the announcements ...................

I'm making a new series called "Life Lessons With Kaya ". With this series, every week you will get a life tip from a doll. Kaya's really excited about this. The first one will be released later today. I have to check Doll Diaries , but after that , Kaya will be back with a life tip. See you at the next post !

I need your opinion

Hi everyone- sorry for being gone for so long . Studying , cooking , cleaning - I've been really busy today. I'm doing chores to earn money - so what should I get ? I don't need any AG clothes. Should I get a La Newborn or a mini AG ?


Sorry , I will not be posting much today. I have a lot of studying to do. I might be able post , but I don't think I will be able to. See you at the next post !

Would You .......

Would you guys like to see my doll clothes ( most of them are retired) ? If so leave a comment and I will try to make a post on that. Also , do you have any suggestions ? Would you like to see more crafts , photo shoots, reviews , or plain old craziness? Would you like to see stop motions ? My doll and stuffed animal collection ? Thanks for being awesome readers. I'll see you soon !

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I was featured on Doll Diaries !

My first craft was featured on Doll Diaries ! This is the best one month Blogiversary gift ever ! I never thought that  a little craft I made would be featured on Doll Diaries. I am so happy and so honored that they thought my craft was good enough for their site ! Thanks everyone , and Goodnight from NY !

A cheap Doll Fun Find

I was at target today , and I found this great find.

A pack of three mini tic tac containers with tic tacs ! Could you believe these are only 64 cents? These are little big for 18 inch dolls , but they still look pretty great ! 

Here is the packaging.
Even though they are a little big , they are an excellent deal for only 64 cents !
Now your doll can always have fresh breath !

Its My Blogiversary !!!!

Today is my one month Blogiversary , and I've gotten over an thousand views since then ! Thank you everyone who visited my blog. Whether it was once a week or once a day , you are all special to me. You amazing people made this blog what is is today, and I don't know where I would be without you . Thank you my followers , and everyone who read my post. I remember my first  post, and here I am, 72 post later, with amazing people like you. I can't put into words all these amazing things you guys have done for me. Keep being who you are, because you're absolutely amazing that way.

🌎 The UniverseRevolves 🌍

Giveaway at AmericanGirlFan

American Girl Fan is having a giveaway. It has lovely spring colors. I wish you all the best of luck !!
Here's the giveaway.

Shopkins !!!

I love Shopkins ! I recently purchased some , and they're amazing. They fit perfectly into Mini doll play. They come with shopping bags and baskets which are great for dolls  ( minis are the best )of many different brands. They work well for small figurines such as Calico Critters. I'm sorry it is so late , but better late then never ! I will do the review soon. 

You can easily incorporate these into your minis ' world.  Here are some photos of how I did I it.

The living room.

The kitchen.

The bathroom.

A doll movie theater !
With these Shopkins , there are so many possibilities. I think you should all get these. They are very useful for mine s and can be furniture and food. They have a whole bakery section , so you mini Grace would love it !
You can also set it up as a mini doll supermarket or store.
The shopping bags look great on them.

I bought the mega 20 pack , and it was worth my money.  Your dolls can use these in many different ways. If you make a stop-motion these are perfect. These can also be your big dolls toys.You can collect them and they are great quality. If you have Shopkins, show me the creative things you do with them ! Send me a pic on Google+ and I will show it on this blog. I hope you enjoyed this quick brush-over , and stay the amazing people you are !


The Adventures of Mini Josefina

Before we get to Josefina , I would like to apologize for not updating earlier today. I wa scoring chores to try to earn some money to buy something Doll related. I'm either going to buy a La Newborn baby doll , or a mini AG doll. Since I won't be getting a full sized Grace doll , I think I will get a mini. Josie will have a friend her size .I know a lot of dolls I want I will never be able to buy, so I just buy minis . So a mini Grace or a La Newborn ? They are both 25$. 
Yesterday m we drove for an hour and half to get to Universoul Circus. I decided to bring little Josie with me to share in the adventures. Here are some photos I got.

This was when we were driving :)

Sorry there blurry , their lights weren't helping .
Hopefully I will be able to post soon . A shout out to Hope , who always 1+ my post .  I love your blog so much Hope !  Anyways , BYES !!!!!!!

Some more baby dolls

After browsing ToysRus , I finally came to the conclusion thatI love baby dolls. I found some lifelike baby dolls for only 25$ . I'm debating between one of these or a baby alive.
I found two different races , African American and White. I can't save the pictures of them , so here is the link.
La Newborn Baby Dolls

Does this doll ..........

Does this baby doll look real ? I couldn't figure out myself, so I'm hoping you'll help me !

Does it look like a real baby ? A lot ? A little ? Not at all ?
P.S. It is 25$ at ToysRus

Should I buy this baby or a baby alive ?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sorry !

I'm sorry for not posting. I have had tons of homework and I've been very busy. I will try my best to post some edits soon. Thank you for viewing my blog and being great. You are awesome ! I'm going to a circus , so I will see if I can bring mini Josefina and snap a photo or two. If I can't bring her , I will bring a mini  build a bear. Please visit again to check for edits !

Monday, April 20, 2015

How to make doll Brownies and candle

This craft is not the best , but some of you wanted one , so here it is !

Here is an easy craft on how to make doll brownies, you will need :
An eraser
Coloring supplies 

Trace the eraser on to paper.
Cut it out.

Glue it on the eraser.
Color it.
Make squares on it.
Roll up some paper. Use a dab of glue to seal it. Index cards work best.
Color it in.
Draw a flame , color it , and cut it out.
Glue it to the rolled up index card.
And there you have your candle ! You can glue it to your dolls' cakes , or any other thing you can imagine !
Some pictures on how it turned out :

You can color or glue paper to all sides of the eraser , but I was too lazy :)

This craft is for Kaya's three month day! ( was on Friday )