Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick Post

This is just a quick post to remind you to check doll diaries , as they have new easter themed crafts. Also , check out some of the other blogs I mentioned out , because they have giveaways , crafts , and cute post. See you Soon !

Monday, March 30, 2015

My Entry To American Girl Fan's Funny Photo Contest

Well, after awhile of  picture taking , here's the entry I came up with.

I hope you guys like it ! Tell me if you entered and if you like it. I can't wait to see the pictures you guys entered.
If you haven't already entered , here's the link : http://www.americangirlfan.com/2015/03/american-girl-fan-funny-doll-photo-contest.html

I hope you all enter and win. It is really fun and you can win a prize !

Doll Diaries Giveaway

If you haven't already seen on doll diaries , they are giving away a build a bear limited edition Cinderella bear. I LOVE build a bear. Me , being a young toy collector have six build a bears and I will  NEVER grow out of build a bear. So if you have one , comment down below. Do you want more ? If you don't , do you want one ? What would it look like ? Also , please tell me if you would like to see pictures of my build a bears.

Here's the link :

See you later !


I'm so sorry !

Guys I'm so sorry -every time I updated this week you guys didn't see it. There seemed to be something wrong with my device or blogger because my fun -filled posts were not seen or posted. I will try to type them back , but It won't be as good. :(

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

American Girl Fan GIVEAWAY

American girl Fan is having a giveaway ! The dress is very cute. I hope you all enter and I  will be entering. I wish you all the best of luck. Tell me if you entered !

Here's the link:

The dress is so pretty and I want it so bad ! I hope you guys win !

American Girl Fan Easter Craft

American Girl Fan showed us how to make a doll sized easter bunny. It was meant to be a chocolate bunny , but I think mine will be colorful and toys for my dolls. I'll try to get up the picture of my finished picture.

Here's the link :

This craft looks like lots of fun ! I am totally going to make this. You all should too , and I hope you tell me if you make it :)

A Doll Diaries Craft

Doll diaries has an Easter craft ! They are making a cute easter wreath for your dolls. They also have links to make other doll sized Easter items in that post. I will be making this for my dolls and I might show you a pic of the finished product.

Here's the Link:

Hope you all make it and tell me if you did :)


If you read my other post , you know doll diaries is letting the readers design their logo for the FIRST time. I am going to enter. I just sunk in that Camp doll diaries is soon ! I love camp doll diaries soo much and I just can't wait !! You can all check out doll diaries at dolldiaries.com. Please tell me if your going to be in Camp Doll Diaries !

Doll Diaries Contest

Doll Diaries is having a contest. Most of you are familiar with camp doll diaries. This year , they are letting YOU decide what the logo is. You can use the sheet they provided and make the new camp Doll Diaries logo . The Best will be chosen. I know all of you are creative , so I hope you enter and win. Good Luck !!!

(P.S. I think I'm going to channel my inner creativeness and enter :)

For the website and full instructions , here is the link:

Until the next post,
The Universe Revolves

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Doll Diaries' Easy Craft

So , I was on DollDiaries(as I am everyday ) and I saw an awesome craft. It shows how to make cute doll sized bracelets. You all should see it and I will post a picture of my finished product once I make it. It is so easy and really quick. I hope you all enjoy :)
Here's the link below :


(I got the thinks to work ;) , thanks Lydia !)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Okay , Okay , Yes , another blog (again)

Alright but I love this blog , I've been reading it everyday. I'm sure you'll find something you like here.

I've been noticing that the links aren't working , so just copy and paste to your search bar.

The blog:


Check it out ! I love this blog SOOO much !

Photoshoot - coming soon

According to the poll, ALL that voted said photo-shoot , so I think that will be next. Photoshoots are easier than the other options , so it will be out soon. I haven't decided the theme , so you can vote using the  other poll I'll put up , or by commenting below.

Until the next post ,

The Universe Revolves

American Girl - SALE !!!!

American Girl is having sale. On the website , if you go to the Sale page , you can see a bunch of cute stuff - and it's not very pricey ! They even have stuff  from last year's GOTY Isabelle ! Go check it out NOW before everything's sold out !



If the link doesn't work , copy and paste into your search bar.

Okay , Yes , another blog

Yes, this is another blog ,   but the blogger was very nice and had amazing tips for new blogs. Here's the link . You should really check her out.


If the link doesn't work , copy and paste into your search bar.

Her name was Lydia Therese and the blogs name is Silver Creek Dolls.

Bye for Now !!!

Another Blog (again)

Alright , I know what your thinking. "Another Blog.What ?Again!" Well, I like a lot of blogs and this is a really nice one. This blog is one of my favorites , so I'm sure you are going to like it. Also, I'm trying my best to get that photoshoot up. My Furby says Hi.

Anyway , here's the website.

If the link doesn't work , just copy and paste into your search bar.

Spotlight Sunday

Every Sunday I will have something called Spotlight Sunday. From my google+ (Please Follow us) you can send me pictures of your dolls or toys having fun. They will be featured here. For now , I'll show pictures of my toys.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thanks !!

Thanks for all the views and a special thank you to the google+ I've been getting. Once I find out how to get pictures , we will have photoshoots and stuff like that up. Again , comments would be appreciated. If you have a blog and want to be featured , you are more than welcome to comment and tell me about it. Please spread the news about this blog. Thanks !

I need your help

Since this is a new blog , I need your help and suggestions . I will post about all Doll and toy  stuff , but what should I due in the meantime ?  Should I do crafts , reviews , photo stories, and such ?
Do you want to see pictures of my dolls and toys ? Please comment suggestions.

Here's another blog.
If the link doesn't work , just copy and paste it to your search bar.


I would love if  all of you could comment me suggestions. Since this blog is new , I really need your help ! Thanks.

Another Website

This is the best website for making homemade stuff for your dolls. She is also on doll Diaries. Make sure to check her out :)


If the link doesn't work , just copy and paste to your search bar.

I learned how to make awesome stuff for my AG doll here and I'm pretty sure you will like it :)

Great Doll Websites

I have decided to put the links to some of my favorite doll websites. They have giveaways and fun things to enter, so keep an eye open.


This is only a few and it's sure to expand !

If the links don't work copy and paste to your search bar :)

A giveaway on AmericanGirl Ideas


Click on the link and enter the giveaway ! Please comment if you entered. I wish you luck !
If the link doesn't work , copy and paste it on your search.

Thank you !

I see some have already google+ my post ! To whoever did that I give you a huge thank you ! You are welcome to comment if you wish ! This blog was started today and has already been viewed! Thank you soooo much and please follow or comment . Thanks !

Giveaway on Doll-it-up


Check this out !!!!
Please tell me if you entered.

A New Blog

This blog is about everything in the universe. This blog is mostly about toys and stuff related to my friend's YouTube Chanel. This blog is for her. She hasn't put anything on the channel yet , but I'm sure she will soon.
 If you have any suggestions , please feel free to comment below !!!!