Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year ! Goodbye 2015

Ahhhh ! It's going to be 2016 already ! It seems like 2015 just started and now it's already ended . I'm super hyped for all the good things to come. Now , let's say goodbye to 2015 !

Dear 2015 ,

It was alright. I survived - I made new friends and lost others . I gained family and lost family . I became closer with some people than I ever thought I could, and became distant with others .You hurled large flying objects my way, but I dodged and ducked and made through. I got my first AG ( then three minis . I got two OGs and bucket loads of other toys. I made this blog . I expanded on my passions. I lived the Internet . 2015, I hated you. But I loved you all the same. So with ups and downs  and tricks and thins, 2015 came to an end .

Happy New Years ,
- Thalia 


Friday, December 25, 2015

The Orgin of the Candy Cane | Holiday Histories

Hello Internet ^_^ !! Merry Christmas ! I wish I could have some pictures for you all, but I don't want to take any until  I get my camera . So yeah, late Christmas pictures it is. Anyway, I thought in the meantime I would write the first post of a series I wanted to do for a LONG while . The series is called "Holiday Histories". Its pretty self-explanatory. For holidays or special days, I will write posts concerning the history of that day ( including traditions, culture, etcetera). I hope you all enjoy it !


                                                        ~ The Orgin of the Candy Cane ~

WARNING: This contains religious ( the Christian religion ) content. If you are not Christian or are offended by religious content, approach with caution ***
There are many different versions of this story, and this was one of the most accurate I found .
Hello Interent, it's Daily Doll reporter Kanani Akina here ! Today I will be telling you ALL about that sweet, white and red striped, peppermint flavored staff of deliciousness- Yep you guessed it, the Candy Cane.

      The candy cane started with an candymaker in Indiana who wanted to make something that could be a 'witness' to Jesus . He decided to make the candy cane. He wanted to incorporate symbols from Jesus' birth, death, and life .He started with a stick of hard white candy. The white symbolized the purity of the Virgin Mary and the sinlessness of Jesus. The hardness of the candy symbolized the Solid Rock,the foundation of the church, and the firmness of the promises of God. He then shaped it into a J shape to stand for Jesus' name . It could also be turned over to represent the staff of a shepard  in which Jesus is our " Good Shepard ".He thought the candy looked blank and plain, so he added some red lines to it. The thin lines represented the scrounging at the pillar Jesus received to save us from sin. The thick lines represented the blood Jesus shed on the cross to save us from sin and give us eternal life. With all these symbols blended together - Ta Da ! The candy cane was born.

I hope you love our first Holiday History ! Remember this meaning before you bite into or suck on this special holiday treat.

Tell us in the comment section below - Candy canes or Christmas cookies ?

NEXT HOLIDAY HISTORY : What is the meaning of the Christmas Tree ?

Eating a Candy Cane,
~ Thalia

Merry Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas Internet ! Right now it is exactly the first second of the first minute of Christmas . I just wanted to say a quick Merry Christmas to every single one of you ( before anyone else ) I hope you receive all the presents you want. Remember the true meaning of Christmas !

Please share your Christmas memories with me ! Email me  here at

~ Thalia

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve ! | Christmas Q&A

Tis the season ! Merry Christmas Eve Internet ^_^ I wasn't in the Chrismas spirit as of lately and didn't decorate the house until today :P. Better Late then never ;) I did enjoy the Christmas spirit when I actually got in to it . I love decorating the house though, perhaps I am a crafty person :)

I decide to do a little Christmas Q&A for all you lovelies . This really helped me get into the Christmas jazz ;)

1 ) What do you want for Christmas ?

For my birthday AND Christmas, I only want one thing. What may this mysterious item be ?
I'm set on the canon rebel t5i. My dad and I have been looking at prices and settled on that one . It should be here before the new year , so that's why you haven't seen many pictures . I'm really excited ! My little sis wants Lea Clark :)

2) Favorite Chrismas Tradition ?

Camping out waiting for Santa . This usually lasts 30-60 minutes before we cave in and collapse into our warm beds :)

3) Favorite Christmas Food ?

Star cookies , if they count . If not , Pepper Pot, which is a Carribean holiday dish.

4) Favorite thing about Christmas ?

Making gifts for other people. I love to get crafty :)

5) What does Christmas mean to you ?

Christmas means many different things, both on a religious and personal level. I am Christian, but I'm not the most religious person . I try to be the best Christain I can, but I'm still not very religious . To me , Christmas means the birth of our savior . It also reminds me of family, love, and the importance of giving on a personal level.


That's all for now Internet ! It was a few , but I hope I can squeeze in a few more tomorrow . Feel free to do this on your own social media, answer them, and add more questions . Merry Christmas Eve Internet !

Merry Chrismas Eve,

 ~ Christmas-y Thalia

Tuesday, December 22, 2015



LEA CLARK HAS BEEN LEAKED ! Oh my , she is so beautiful! I still don't know if I want her . She's EXTREMELY Unique and different . I like her a lot more then Grace , just because she is so different . ALL HAIL THE GIRL OF THE YEAR 2016 !!!!














And here she is .............

Isn't she just gorgeous? Go here to learn all about the awesome girl ! It looks like she loves photography:)

Her Book :

It's by the same author  who wrote Kanani's Book , Lisa Yee.

Meet Outfit :

Outfit Collection:

What you you think of Lea Clark ?

Personally , I love her . She reminds me a lot of myself ( even though we look nothing alike  ). Her personality is awesome and her outfits are something I would wear. My little sis might be getting her for Christmas !

Amazed ,

Monday, December 21, 2015

ITS MY BIRTHDAY + The FIRST Day of winter | The Universe in a Blog

BIRTHDAY !!!!!! Hello Internet ( danisnotonfire reference right there kiddos ) ! My birthday is today ,December 21,which also happens to be the first day of winter. I am really grateful to be born on an awesome day and I wouldn't be born on any other . I was super sad that it didn't snow :( CURSE YOU GLOBAL WARMING !!!!
  Today is also the first day of winter which is so awesome . I love winter ,especially in NY. There's a lot of snow so we build plenty of snow people.

I know our time has been short , but I have to wrap this up. I'll finish this tomorrow :)

Feeling a bit older,

  ~ Thalia

Friday, December 11, 2015

December Thoughts ^_^

Bonjour, my lovelies ! I'm pretty great as of lately. I did super awesome on my state exams and I feel freer . Anyway , DECEMBER is here , which is my favorite month of the year . Why ?

My birthday is on the 21st and I'm really excited :)

Tis' the Season of giving ! ( I think )

Usually , my bday and Christmas are smashed into one and I get one gift . I can still dream ......

Okie :) Here are the questions for December thoughts .

What do you think of December ? Why ?

I think it's awesome. The decorations are fun to make and the traditions are cute :) Getting gifts and giving gifts is pretty cool too .

What do you like about it ?

Christmas , my birthday , and snow .

What is one thing you can only get during this time ?

Star cookies . They are star shaped crisp cookies coated in chocolate and white sprinkles . Delish :)

What do you hate about December ?

All the animals and plants die and migrate :(

That's pretty much all :) I have all intentions of getting some good quality blogposts up soon. No more excuses.

Candy canes and winter love,
- Thaila -

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I'm thankful for many things .
The basic things , like my family , friends , school , an education and all those other wonderful things I take for granted.
But I'm also thankful for those extraordinary things in my life .
You guys .
I've been through my ups and downs , my easy days and my hard days. I've have so many cringe-worthy blogposts,(I just privated a whole bunch ) but you never judged me . I'm trying my best to transform this blog into the one it was meant to be. So thank you .
Thank you for sticking by my side , even when I didn't say I needed you , and being there every step of the way . Thank you for supporting my blog , dolls , and myself even when they weren't the best .
There are a million things I'm thankful for in my life , and you are on the top of my list .
Here are a few things I am thankful for :1. My cousin who was born a few hours ago
2. My family
3. My friends
4. The Internet
5. This blog
6. YouTube
7.Blogging as a whole
8. An education
10. My teachers
11. Sibling
12. All my toys (as childish as this might sound )
13. Food and water
14. Clothes
15. Technology

These are the few of all the amazing things I have that I'm thankful for .
Extremely Thankful ,

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving to you all ! Please remember the history of Thanksgiving of be thankful for everything . Later this week I probably will have some late Thanksgiving blogposts to share with you : ) Have an awesome time , spend time with your loved ones , and be thankful!

Very , Very Thankful ,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

STARTING OVER ?!?! | Where I've Been + YOUTUBE ?

Starting over ?
Kind of .

Remember all those cringe worthy blogposts I will never be able to get rid over ? Can we forget those   ?

This blog has messed up . I've messed up , and I'm going to fix it .

This blog was never a very good one . It was filled with excuses and promises and low quality photos . I've been working hard to get quality blogposts that all you sweet little marshmallow can enjoy and I'm working very hard on it . Here's a list of things I've changed :

1) Writing . I'm trying to improve my writing to make my blogposts worth reading :)
2) Blog Address . It is now . I thought it fitted this blog better .
3) Mood / Theme . Before , the mood was some weird smash of fun rainbows and emo . That didn't work how I wanted it to , and now this blog is a happy sunshiney kind of blog .

I think that's all the major things I've changed . There are also less excuses , better quality ( I hope ) , and some blogposts worth reading :)


School is taking up way too much time . I'm studying all the time and doing homework. I've also been on my very comfy couch looking at cameras . P.S.  What camera do you use ? What is the best one to buy ? I'm looking for a good camera . Preferably cheap :)


I'm workin' on it . I will be doing it with PonyLove9 , but her editor/manager will be running it with me . I will link you flamingos once it's up and running . It's going to be about all kinds of toys including AG , Barbie , Build a Bear , and tons of other awesome brands . We NEED names , so help me out the the comments pwease .

I think that's all , so stay positive . Or negative . Negative's good too .

Changing ,
Thalia ( formerly LuNa ) the Professional Toy Blogger and Fangirl

Saturday, September 5, 2015

AG Place New York Part One | Maryellen

Hello penguins ! Apologies for not posting , things have been crazy hectic with school starting in a few days . I went to AG Place New York awhile ago , and I took ALOOT of pictures . I thought I'd separate them by the name of the items in the pictures ( ex truly me dolls ) . I hope you enjoy them . This batch is of Maryellen ! There is a surprise at the bottom of the page ( which most of you probably already know ) . Alright , pictures !

One of her outfits ( I think it is her Poodle Skirt outfit or something like that) It also might be her work outfit . I'm so sorry , I don't know the names of any of them !

All the Maryellens !

One up close !

Her in her meet outfit. Hey U.I.A.B. readers !

Her PJs .

All her outfits ! This is a little corner in the shop that's all about her .
A closeup of her in her meet outfit !

Her diner !

Some signs in the front of the shop :)

I hoped you enjoyed all these pictures ! I took these a few days after her debut . If you want to see her mini , that will be in the mini post I will post soon . Just so you know , these pictures were rushed .

Speaking of minis and Maryellen , if you didn't already know .........


Yep ! I'm so happy and I will do a review on her soon .

Super happy and way to excited and also very sorry ,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All of The Stars

Inspired by Maddie .


                                                 You're on the other side
                                             As the skyline splits in two
                                       I'm miles away from seeing you 
                                           But I can see the stars
                                                From America 
                                      I wonder, do you see them, too?

Sorry no Percy Jackson post today :( Hopefully tomorrow. I really hope you enjoy this lyric photo thingy , inspired by the Magnificent Maddie .

Until the next post , 

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Ello Everyone ! Today I have some pictures and links about MaryEllen . Just warning you - SPOILER ALERT ! If you want it to be a surprise, don't read below !

I do not on any of these pictures , these are pictures I found around the Internet and on other blogs . All credit goes to the owners .


Alright let's look at her collection !

Here are some helpful links :)

MARYELLEN ! Look at her ! I love her hair ! And that outfit is just splendid !

Some of her outfits - I don't know the names of them .


I love that ice skating outfit - I might need to get it ( I ice skate )

Now , let's look at some of her things .

And of course - the cute puppy !

Some more pictures .

Her books .

Her Mini doll :

An additional picture :

This is some of her stuff I found online and on other blogs . I DO NOT own any of these pictures .

I hope you enjoyed this post ! What's your favorite from her collection ? What are your thought on her and her collection ? Comment down below !

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Harry Potter Quotes

Here's another fun post for my Harry Potter Week . I hope you enjoy these facts and learn some more about HP !


Time for the facts !

There are ten HP facts that you may have not known ! I really hope you enjoyed, and have a very Potter day !

Until next time my fellow earthlings,