Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank you for 3 years ♡ | My Blogversary

♡ 3-21-17 ♡
The day that started it all.

Wow, I cannot say thank you enough.

It's been three years since I started this blog, but it feels like yesterday.

It feels like yesterday that an inspired little girl with a love for toys first decided to start a blog of her own. 
With a phone camera, a doll, and a big imagination, she stepped a world she only could dream of. 

She discovered the world of crafts, stories, photography, a place where creativity was the only requirement.

She discovered here.
The AG community, a second home.

There her love for dolls grew and strengthened.

The little girl has grown up quite a bit, but her love for dolls hasn't changed.

I am that little girl.

I would like to think I have improved since then - my writing, photography, my personality. I am so happy I found the AG community. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. I owe all of my success to my wonderful readers.

♡ So thank you, thank you to everyone. Thank you to the AG community for inspiring and motivating me. Thank you to my loyal readers who still read the blog entries of a cringey 9 year old, even though they were terrible. Thank you to my followers for encouraging me and making me feel utterly amazing. Thank you to Lydia, for being there when I first started my blog, and still supporting me even when I sounded like an arrogant little kid. Thank you to Maddie, for inspiring me to be me and not to change to fit the standards of the doll community. I'm sorry if you felt like I was copying you, you just inspired me so much. I've learned so much from all of you and knowing you guys is priceless. Thank you to each and every person who's ever read a post or commented something nice. I couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you for the best 3 years of my life. 

~ Thalia ♡

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ⓤⓟⓓⓐⓣⓔⓢ #3 | Where have I been ??

Well hello my precious readers, I hope you're  all having a magical day !

I realized that I have not posted since July..... Sorry ! (  if I had a dollar for everytime I've said that :P)

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 2017 as well, I hope you're having a great year :)

I took a LOOONG hiatus from posting, mostly from lack of commitment, school, and new responsibilities. I've matured a lot since I've first started this blog.

My dolls are being taken care of wonderfully, and even though I don't use them too often, I still love them ! I still love everything this blog is about.

I will be posting more quality content, more often.

I know I've made a lot of promises saying that I would do that, and I haven't fulfilled that. As I reminded you guys, I've matured a lot :) I will keep my promise !

This is just a short little update to tell you guys that I will be active ! I welcome any new readers and I say thank you to those who've stuck with me. I appreciate all of you !

Have a magical day,
~ Thalia ♡

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Daily Doll Show #1 | Harry Potter Day and Wellie Wishers

Your two favorite "18 inch doll writers bring the The Daily Doll SHOW , Episode #1 with Kaya and Kanani !
Good magical morning stars !
Kaya: Or whatever time it is when your reading this !
Kanani : I suppose ! Before we begin today's , news, let's start with our  announcements.
Kaya: So we would like to address not posting in a while.
Kanani: Yeah, summer’s been pretty busy for us. We're spending a lot more time in the good weather instead of being on the Internet.
Kaya: Thankfully we've got many pictures of all our adventures !
Kanani: We will post them all at the end of the summer.Kaya : We should also explain the show a bit.Kanani: Yeah ! The Daily Doll is kind of a mix of and online newspaper and a radio show.
Kaya: Except your reading instead of listening !
Kanani: Yep. We’ll have many different segments and even parts where readers can interact with us !
Kaya: The Daily Doll Show is uploaded every Sunday , while the Daily Doll can be uploaded any day of the week.
Kanani: The Daily Doll is more of a newspaper and includes different things.
Kaya: Over time , a lot a changes might happen to the show. We'll notify you of any changes !
Kanani: I think that's all of the announcements we have for the day. Shall we move on to the news Kaya : Let's Go !!

Kanani : So Kaya , what's up in the news today ?
Kaya: Well Kanani , the Olympics start this week !
Kanani : Wow , I'm so excited . Did you know I met an Olympic Gold Medalist before ?
Kaya: Really ? Who was it.
Kanani : Gymnast Ally Raisman. I met her at the AG store  couple years ago !
Kaya : Wow ! Well onto our first article. Unfortunately , this one is not as happy. After severe  flooding in Baltimore , one person has died.
Kanani : That is so sad ! We send sincere prayers to her family .
Kaya: Our next article is less sad. Actually is pretty exciting!
Kanani : This article is is doll news .
Kaya : A Walmart doll line has recently decided to add two boy dolls to their line.
Kanani: I think it's about time that a doll line decided to add boys. Both genders should be able to share the love of dolls !
Kaya: I couldn't  agree more. For our last article - it's National Harry Potter Day !
Kanani: I know ! I'm so excited . Last year we did an entire week dedicated to it.
Kaya: And we’ll do it again this year .
Kanani: Well, that concludes today's news. Sorry it was so shore , hopefully next week it will be longer !

*** Deal of the Day ***
Kaya: Its time for today's Deal of the Day ! Today's deal is from American Girl . The Corgi puppy is priced at only  $ 16.00 , and was originally $20.00.
Kanani: That's a pretty big deal, coming from American Girl !

Today's Topic !

Kaya :Well today's topic is American Girl’s Wellie Wishers .
Kanani : I don't understand why people don't like them ! They seem pretty cool.
Kaya: They are pretty expensive! They cost $60.00.
Kanani: Not even I'm fan of that price !
Kaya: Tell us what you think about Wellie Wishers in the comments !

Kaya :Well that's today's Daily Doll Show ! Sorry for the shortness , I'll try my best to make it longer. Until then, Have a magical day stars !

~~~~~~~ Kaya & Kanani ~~~~~~~~~~~

I really hoped everyone enjoyed the first episode of The Daily Doll Show ! Tell me what you thought of it below .
Bye STARS !!!!!
~ Thalia

Friday, May 27, 2016

American Girl Place - Part 3 : Beforever

Hey Stars ! These are some pictures I took when I visited American Girl Place in August. I took a lot of these photos , so I have divided them into many parts . I think I have around 2 more posts worth of pictures ! These were taken on my phone ( before I had my camera ), so sorry about the quality ! Let's  get on with it !



Some of Jose's Collection

Another of Kaya's Outfits 

Addy's Collection

Maryellen's Collection and one of the props in her area !

One of Kaya's outfits ! I really like this one :)

More of Kaya's Collection 



Another of Kaya's Outfits

Julie's Car

Josefina's Studio Area

     That's everything ! I love the American Girl Place in New York. Have you ever been to one ? I really hoped you liked the pictures and enjoyed looking at them. That's all for now, my shining stars :)

           ~ Thalia

Monday, May 23, 2016

Awesome Dollar Store Dolly Finds | $1 Doll Finds

Hey Stars ! I've gathered a bunch of cheap, fun doll finds and I am here to share them with you . ALL of these finds are a dollar or under. Now let's start with these awesome finds !

1.  Doll Furniture ( Chair + Table )

This furniture is a perfect piece for your dolls house. They fit mini lalaloopsies, calico critters, LPS, and MLP .

2. Doll Clothes

I picked this up because I thought it would be a good fit for my barbies and hopefully my minis. It is ! It fits perfectly on Josie and is really cute. I love the summer outfit !

3. Modeling Clay

This was an awesome find ! For only a dollar , this was a great deal. Modeling clay is perfect for crafters. It's also really easy to make dolls food with ! You can make a ton of things with it.

4. Play Dough

My Play Doh stack was running a little low, so I picked this up. I don't mind that it's not brand name, because it is perfect for making doll food and other doll crafts. The only store that sells real Play Doh is pretty far, so I don't mind using this cheap substitute !

5. Doll Notebooks

I found this fun find at Target ! It was only 50 Cents ! It was a great deal because it came with two notebooks. They had a variety of colors, which was great. These fit 18"inch dolls really well !

6. Doll Sized Books

* Sorry , I took this picture with my phone 

I loved this one ! Various books by Dr. Suess ( like Cat in the Hat ) were sold , but in mini ! Sadly , the inside pages are blank. However it's still really cute !

I hope you enjoyed that post ! All of these finds are a dollar or lower and found at target or Dollar Tree. They are all really cute and I will definitely be using these. Thanks for reading !

~ Thalia 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring | A mini photoshoot ( AGPS )

I think it's about time I start naming my photoshoots ! I've been scheduling my posts so you guys get a new post more often , especially when I'm busy . I hope you're enjoying these !

Spring ~

I know the photos are a bit dark , sorry about that ! I think Kanani looks very beautiful and I really enjoyed this. I think the green grass and even the outfit Kanani is wearing screams "spring". I just love it !

~ Thalia 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Extras #1

Hey stars ! I have a bunch of random photos on my camera that I've never uploaded . I took these photos when I practiced using different camera setting and practiced my photography. I decided it would be fun to share these with you guys ! I'd love any feedback you stars could give me :)


I hope you enjoyed these random photos ! I think I really improved my photography and I think these  photos are pretty. Tell me what you think !